Translation Guidelines

This page was last modified on: Sept 5, 2017.
The pages listed to the left provide guidelines for translation of CLDR strings. For an overview of the tools and user guide, see CLDR Survey Tool

In addition to the information on this page, please read the Survey Tool Guide before starting. The guide for using the tool is updated for CLDR v32. New section and major updates for v32 include: 
  • Regional variants/Inheritance
  • Forums
  • Dashboard, and 
  • New screenshots throughout.

Current Survey Tool Contribution Stage

The survey tool is closed, and only available in read-only mode.

Data stability

Please be mindful of data stability by carefully reviewing previously Approved data. Fields that are clearly incorrect should be changed, but there are many cases where two different values are both acceptable for a given field. For stability of the data, when contributing, avoid changing from one acceptable value to a different acceptable value, unless the second is clearly better, and in customary use. It's a best practice to use the forum to bring up discussions when changing Approved values.

Known Issues

Please review the known problems first, so that you don't stumble across one of them (and avoid creating duplicate tickets). 

The following are known issues that are new for CLDR v32 Survey tool. This list will be updated as fixes are made available in production.
  1. Vote import
    1. 10364: Problems with importing votes
      Workaround: If you receive the dialog prompting to import old votes multiple times. Import your votes, accepting the prompt each time. If you get to "loading…" and it doesn't finish, close your browser, and log in again. Once you've done this, the votes should be recorded; so just pick "not today" the next time you get the prompt.
  2. Date and Time formats
    1. 9507: Survey tool: preview (hover) examples are missing for short standard lists
      Workaround: ignore the preview (hover) examples in the sections Miscellaneous > Displaying Lists for "Or" List and Short "And" List
    2. 9717: ST confusion about dayPeriods not defined in English
      Workaround: carefully read Date-Field-Names
  3. Compact Decimal Forms
    1. 10346: Survey tool needs better examples for compact decimal forms.  Note that name if the name of the value indicates a particular plural form (such as -one for the singular in English) that takes precedence over the sample value.
      Workaround: For more information about the forms, please read this section on short number patterns.
  4. Forum Posts
    1. 10261 Old forum post date/time stamp takes you to the current Forum page.
      Workaround: Please navigate back to Old forum.
    2. 10269 General forum post appends "Re:" in the Subject line.
      Workaround: Please clear "Re:" in the subject line when creating a new general forum post to help with clarity of your posting title.

    3. 10323 Filipino forum does not load
      Workaround: Use CLDR v32 Filipino Forum document for discussions. Click and submit access permission request to get started.

  5. Miscellaneous items
    1. 10294 Parse Lenient values (such as date-lenient) should not show up as Missing, and should be only changed via ticket
      Workaround: skip these values.
    2. 10289 The default coverage isn't set right for locales.
      Workaround: Reset the coverage at the top of your locale's window according to your LPM’s instructions. For example, reset to Moderate coverage for Google: Assamese (as), Odia (or), Pashto (ps), Sindhi (sd), 
      Turkmen (tk). 

If you hit a problem that is not on this list, please file a ticket.

Resolved Issues

    Previously listed on the known issues that have been resolved:
    • 10329ST: Duration section throwing an error in some languages
    • 10330Can't add a translation for 5-digits-short-one
    • 10262: Compact number formats are not working (Resolved on May, 17th)
    • 10223: verify number formats chart for 31 is n/a (Resolved on May, 17th)
    • 10203Survey tool category Number formats\symbols are missing (Resolved on May 17th)
    • 10260: Old Form post message is incorrect (Resolved on May, 17th)
    • 10232: Survey Tool categories for flexible date & time formats are incorrect (Resolved on May, 17th)
    • 10209 We are adjusting the coverage of items to move them from Modern to Moderate. That will only affect you if your target coverage is Moderate.(Resolved on May, 17th)
    • 10359 Sindhi only: The plural/ordinal rules for 5 new locales will be adjusted. This should only have a significant impact on Sindhi. 
      Workaround: for Sindhi only, please hold off translating any items with "counts" (one, two,...) for the time being.
    • We're decided against adding ordinal dates (eg, 1st week of May) for certain locales, so as to not disrupt the current progress.

    New Features

    Date fields

    New under Date&Time Fields: week of month, and  week day of month. See translation guide under date field names. 

    Old Forum Posts

    You can now look back at forum posts from the last release. This was a widely requested feature; however, due to limitations, it is not fully integrated

    See the new Survey guidance section on Old Forum Posts.

    Emoji Names and Keywords

    This is a new data set under the category Character.  Under this category, you'll find Emoji Short names and keywords. 
    See the new Characters Names and Keywords (Emoji) translation guide.
    Note: The Keywords have been moved to Comprehensive coverage in the Survey tool for v32 cycle, and is not visible under Modern coverage. This change is done to help prioritize the workload, and is planned to be moved to Modern in a future contribution cycle.

    Please note that there are roughly 50 English short names that have been adjusted slightly for clarity and brevity in v32. This does not impact the Approved terms in other languages as Emoji names should not be direct translation.

    Parse Lenient

    This is a new data category under Miscellaneous-->Linguistic Elements that have been introduced in v32.
    These are set of characters that are used to determine when they should be treated the same. Most characters should work for all languages, but please review for your language, and open a CLDR ticket if a change is needed.
    See Translation Guide Characters page section on Parse for further details.

    Minimal Pairs

    Minimal pairs are sample strings that demonstrate the difference among different plural forms. There should be one per Plural (Cardinal) category (eg, “1 book, “2 books”, and one for each Ordinal category (eg, “1st book”, “2nd book”). The sentences or phrases do not have to mean the same as English — more often than not they will be different. They simply need to be as short as possible, and demonstrate the differences: they must be unique and grammatical. For details, see Plural Rules

    Time formats for day periods

    Five new time formats have been added to show how to format 12-hour-cycle times using day period ranges, for example “7:30 in the morning” or “11:00 at night”; see Day period patterns for full details. The new fields are under 12-hour-cycle time formats in the Survey Tool as shown in this screenshot.

    Other Survey Tool Stages 


    (The Beta period for CLDR v32 completed: May 5 to May 12th, 2017)

    Data that you enter will not be saved at the end of beta. So during Beta, try out the tool to make sure you can log in, enter data in each section without worrying about its correctness, check that errors/warnings show up (eg make 2 countries have the same name, enter an English word when their script is non Latin, etc).


    (The Shakedown period for CLDR v32 completed: May 12 @noon PST to May 17, 2017) 

    The survey tool is live, and data you enter will be retained and used. You can start work, but there may be additional fixes during this period. So the tool may be taken down for updates more frequently than after we exit Shakedown.


    (The Submission period for CLDR v32 completed: May 17 @noon PST to June 17, 2017) 

    We are now in the Submission phase of data contribution. Please focus on getting all Missing items entered. Missing items in sublocales (such as fr_CA) should be done after the main locale (fr) item has been translated, to avoid gratuitous differences.


    (The Submission period for CLDR v32 completed: May 17 @noon PST to June 17, 2017) 

    We are now in the Vetting phase of data contribution. All contributors are encourage to move their focus to the Dashboard view. Consider other's opinions, by reviewing the Disputed and the loosing. See guidelines for handling Disputed and Losing.

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