LikelySubtags and Default Content

  1. Run GenerateMaximalLocales with VM argument -DCLDR_DIR set to your cldr directory to generate the likely subtag data AND the default content locales.
    1. If you are trying to debug, add the VM argument -DGenerateMaximalLocalesDebug
  2. Input data:
    1. Probably
    2. Script metadata, especially for new scripts.
    3. Other input data files TBD.
    4. If you need to manually override anything, you do it by altering LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES in
  3. Output:
    1. Creates {CLDR_DIR}/../Generated/cldr/supplemental/likelySubtags.xml and {CLDR_DIR}/../Generated/cldr/supplemental/supplementalMetadata.xml
    2. Diff with {CLDR_DIR}/common/supplemental/likelySubtags.xml and {CLDR_DIR}/common/supplemental/supplementalMetadata.xml
    3. Sanity check diffs, run tests, fix input data, and iterate as necessary.
    4. Copy into the svn workspace and commit.
  4. Run GenerateLikelySubtagTests
    1. Creates {cldrdata}/dropbox/gen/likelySubtagTests.xml
    2. Diff with {cldrdata}/common/test/supplemental/likelySubtagTests.xml
    3. Sanity Check, fix and iternate if necessary
    4. Check in.
    5. Do Regenerate Charts