Milestone Schedule

LikelySubtags and Default Content

  1. Run GenerateMaximalLocales to generate the likely subtag data AND the default content locales.
    1. If you are trying to debug, pass in the VM argument -DGenerateMaximalLocalesDebug
    2. Creates {cldrdata}/dropbox/gen/likelySubtags.xml and {cldrdata}/dropbox/gen/supplementalMetadata.xml
    3. Diff with {cldrdata}/common/supplemental/likelySubtags.xml and {cldrdata}/dropbox/gen/supplementalMetadata.xml
    4. NOTE: if you need to manually override anything, you do it by altering LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES in
    5. Sanity Check, fix and iterate if necessary
    6. If you need to manually fix particular cases, change LANGUAGE_OVERRIDES in GenerateMaximalLocales
    7. Check in.
  2. Run GenerateLikelySubtagTests
    1. Creates {cldrdata}/dropbox/gen/likelySubtagTests.xml
    2. Diff with {cldrdata}/common/test/supplemental/likelySubtagTests.xml
    3. Sanity Check, fix and iternate if necessary
    4. Check in.
    5. Do Regenerate Charts