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Placeholders and Messages

There are certain files that describe CLDR formats for translation. These files are also used for internal testing, and should be updated when new structure is added.


A RegexLookup file that maps from a path to information about placeholders. For example:

^//ldml/dates/timeZoneNames/fallbackRegionFormat ; {1}=COUNTRY Argentina; {0}=CITY Buenos Aires

The values are separated by semicolons, and are one per possible placeholder. Each value is of the form


So for the case of {1}=COUNTRY Argentina

placeholder - {1} - the CLDR placeholder
entity - COUNTRY - a variable name that represents the kind of entity that will be substituted
example - Argentina - an example entity.


A RegexLookup file that maps from a path to a message about the path, for use in examples in ST and otherwise. For example:

^//ldml/localeDisplayNames/localeDisplayPattern/localeSeparator ;   The separator used to compose modifiers in locale (language) names. Note: before translating, be sure to read

The value is a message which may contain placeholders, and should always have a pointer to the documentation for the type of path, in The placeholders are extracted from the path. For example:

^//ldml/localeDisplayNames/types/type\[@type="([^"]*)"]\[@key="collation"]    ;   The name of "{1} collation" (sorting order). For more information, please see

In this case, the {1} will be the type attribute value.

For some paths, there is a special initial parameter, such as ROOT metazone; [Description TBD].