Testing Transforms

  • run org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransformsSimple.
    • Check for failures and fix.
  • run org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransforms.
    • Check for failures and fix.
    • This fellow actually runs the ICU tests indirectly, so the regular ICU test framework controls work, like -n.
    • There is currently a bug in ICU that causes TestRegistry to fail, giving you 2 false negatives. Ignore this.
  • run org.unicode.cldr.tool.GenerateTransformCharts.
    • Check in the results (the charts in diff), then review Transform Charts for any problems.
    • In order for the changes to the charts to be permanent, you have to tell Steven to update the server code and data; otherwise these will be overridden by the chron job.
  • run org.unicode.cldr.icu.ConvertTransforms
    • This converts to ICU data format in the directory specified by -d <targetDir>
    • Spot-check the results.
  • run org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransforms again.
    • This time, use the VM option -Dfiles=<targetDir>. This will cause it to run on ICU data you just generated.
    • Check for failures and fix.
  • get yourself a cupcake.