Calcutta Logic Circle (CLC) announces its annual workshop on Logic and its Applications to be held at the seminar hall of the Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University, Kolkata from October 13 to October 15, 2017.
CLC is an informal research and study group which was formed in 1987, comprising members from various disciplines like, Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy, with an objective of providing an appropriate ambience for interdisciplinary exchange of views and opinion in studying foundations of formal logic. Among various areas, which have been in the centre of study and research of this group, a few are Rough Set Theory, Fuzzy Logic, Vagueness and Approximate Reasoning, Modal Logic, Dynamic Logic, Philosophical Logic, Model Theory, Non-monotonic Reasoning, Belief Change, Linear Logic, and Logic of Diagrams. CLC organizes weekly sessions on various issues related to systems of logic, both of Indian and Western traditions. And, apart from these weekly sessions CLC organizes annual workshops in collaboration with various academic bodies in and around Kolkata. For details, please see the website of CLC ( 


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