Libraries had been among first few institutions to take lead to develop 24 x 7 work culture and to talk about library timings under the prevailing library culture may sound a bit extraneous. But still these institutions for being fount & other practical difficulties are compelled to have individual working hours.   For similar kind of reasons, Central Library, BGSB University observes timings and remains open from 900 hrs to 2100 hrs on all weekdays and between 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs on weekends, while as departmental libraries function form 900 hrs to 1700 hrs on daily basis

 Central Library of the University provides services in the decentralized form and to this effect two departmental libraries have been established, one in College of Engineering and Technology and another in the Centre for Biodiversity Studies.  To carry on with the concept of providing library services to students and faculty in their respective teaching departments, possibility is being explored to extend library service in each individual teaching department. Working under the supervision of Library Advisory Committee, Library stands divided into 12 main sections, viz, Acquisition, Classification & Cataloguing, Circulation, Periodical, Internet Lab, Reference & Information Services, Stack Area, Reading Room, Newspaper and Magazines, CD-ROM/Digital Documents, Theses & Dissertation Section and Data Entry Section.                                       

The Library maintains a collection of over 22, 000 documents, housed in central and other departmental libraries of the university, classified as per Dewey Decimal Scheme of Classification (DDC). The bibliographical database of library has been created on the SOUL software, accessible in entire campus on intranet through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and can also be accessed online though IndiaCat and DELNET. The Library Stands registered as an institutional member of DELNET- where Members libraries have access to more than 15 million documents available in all member libraries and can be acquired on inter-library loan basis.  Apart from this, nearly 1500 digital documents are in the acquisition list of library.  More than 86 print journals, 20 daily newspapers and more and 25 magazines are on the subscription list of library.

with the view to facilitate students, staff and faculty to have easy access to various online database, open access journals, magazines, newspapers etc. a separate library website has been designed, where most of these documents have been kept in federated form and can be accessed at https://sites.google.com/site/clbgsbu/home To avoid the information cluttering, online documents pertaining to teaching and research interest, have been classed department wise and has already been hyperlinked with the university website.

    Routine library services provided to clientele include Circulation, Reference & Information, Reprography, CD-ROM browsing, Reading Room facility etc. Recognition of the University under 12 (B) category by the UGC and its subsequent release of library grant under XIth Plan to the tune of Rs. 50 lac proved a great boon for library and to make better use of funds and to ensure maximum participation of faculty members in procurement of reading material, two books exhibitions were organized on campus during the first quarter of 2012. Leading and reputed publishers were invited to participate, prominent among them were, Springer, Willey-Blackwell, Cengage, TMH, Pearson, Thomson, Macmillan  etc. Being recognized under 12 (B), Students, Scholars, Faculty is now able to access five (05) e-resource databases through UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium of publishers like Springer, Taylor & Francis, J-STOR, Cambridge University Press and Wiley-Blackwell, together constitute more than 5000 online journals.

        Provision of books to needy and socially disadvantaged students is being taken care of by the Book bank of Central Library.  Children under this scheme are provided books for full semester without any fee or fine.  Every effort is made to enrich the books bank by seeking out ways and means to have grants from govt and other agencies.  Library so far has received grants under book bank scheme from Deptt of social welfare; Govt of J & K and Central Wakaf Council and hope in future, these and some other agencies will continue to bestow their generosity by providing some liberal in future as well. 

        Central Library is beneficiary of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, where in it has been continuously receiving library grant for the department of applied mathematics since 2009-10 through National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) On the similar lines Centre for Biodiversity Studies received library grant during the year 2011-12 from DBT.  

        Heed is being paid to expose students and faculty to e-resources especially to open access resources.   Every effort is being made to facilitate students, scholars, and teachers in every respect, be it to enrich library with electronic or printed sources of information or to maintain hybrid collection, because the confluence of Information and Technology has already shown outstanding results and libraries cannot afford to lag behind.