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Welcome to clbonline!   

I'm new to making websites so please consider this site a work in progress.  This website lists biographical information about me and causes I care about. I have worked in this arena for a number of years now.  Currently, I am concentrating my efforts through my work in retaining my WNC clients' wealth by avoiding foreclosure and my role as past Board President for Just Economics. 

My interest in sustainable economic development began many years ago when I volunteered for Heifer Project International (an international hunger-relief and sustainable grass-roots development non-profit) at their educational ranch in Perryville, Arkansas.  Since then I have worked for, volunteered for and studied about sustainable development on 4 continents with numerous international NGO's and world class universities.  You can learn more about my career and the causes I care about by visiting "Resume" and "Links of Interest" respectively on clbonline.  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy and maybe benefit from my site. 

Best Wishes,

Chris Berthiaume