Intent to Enroll

Proposition 39 requires school districts to provide local charter schools with facilities that are sufficient and reasonably equivalent to other buildings, classrooms, or facilities in the district.  As a condition to that, charter schools are asked to provide estimates on how many students/families are materially interested in attending the charter school.  

Therefore, we are asking all students/families who are materially interested in attending Clayton Valley Charter High School next year to fill out and return the attached forms.  These signed forms MUST be returned no later than November 7th, 2011 and are meant for all current 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students.  These students DO NOT NEED TO LIVE IN THE CLAYTON VALLEY ATTENDANCE AREA.  Anyone interested in enrolling should fill the out the form and submit. This form is non-binding and not a guarantee of enrollment.  If there are questions regarding this form or the process they should be directed to