The purpose of this site is to disseminate information to staff, students, parents, and community members of Clayton Valley High School as we strive to become a conversion charter school.
New CVCHS Website (1/13/12)
The new official CVCHS website is located at: http://claytonvalley.org/
The CCBOE has approved the Clayton Valley Charter. ! (1/11/12)
On Wednesday January 11th the Contra Costa County Board of Education voted 4-0 to approve Clayton Valley Charter High School. 
Thank you to everyone in the community who supported us!! We now have a unique and amazing opportunity to improve our school.
The county vote is Wednesday January 11th, 2012!
WE NEED YOU more than ever! The vote by the Contra Costa County Board of Education to approve or deny our charter is happening on January 11th.  It is crucial to have a strong show of support for this vote.  Please come in your blue CVCHS shirt!  If you do not have a shirt, they will be sold at the door for $10, $5 for students.

5:30 PM
Wednesday January 11th, 2012
Pleasant Hill Elementary School
2097 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill

See you there!!
CCCBOE hearing presentation (12/9/11)
Thank you to everyone who wrote emails of support and/or attended the Contra Costa County Board of Education hearing.  This truly is a community effort!  The CCCBOE will make a decision on the charter at their Jan. 11th meeting,  so please mark your calendars and write the County Board of Education (see emails in previous post) to encourage them to approve the CVCHS charter.

Click here for the CVCHS multi-media presentation from the CCCBOE hearing:

Charter Public Hearing with the Contra Costa County Board of Education 

When: Wednesday December 7th, 2011 from 5:30-7:30

Where: Pleasant Hill Elementary, 2097 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill, 94523

Here we go again....and we need YOU even more than ever! As you may know, there's been some vocal opposition created to our charter with misleading and incorrect information.  It's crucial that we have a strong show of support for the positive changes we want to effect with this charter conversion at the County Board of Education hearing.  Please come in your blue CVCHS shirt!!

In addition to attending the county hearing, you can also email the following Contra Costa County Office of Education individuals in support of the Clayton Valley charter conversion:

Joseph Ovick, Superintendent, jovick@cccoe.k12.ca.us

Pamela Mirabella, Board President, carlyon636@aol.com

Ellen Elster, Board Member, ellenelster@aol.com

Daniel Gomes, Board Member, dagomes@sbcglobal.net

Richard Asadoorian, Board Clerk, rasadoorian@gmail.com

Cynthia Ruehlig, Board VP, cynthia.ruehlig@gmail.com

CVCHS appeal update (11/15/11)

The formal appeal to the Contra Costa Board of Education was submitted Tuesday, Nov. 15th. The 894 page document will be posted to the CVCHS website in the next day or two. Under California charter law, a public hearing must then be held within thirty days of submission, so we are probably looking at the second week in December. A final decision by the county, on the approval or denial of the charter petition, must be made within sixty days of submission (mid-January).

If the county denies our petition, we can then appeal to the CA State Board of Education. 

We are continuing to anticipate and plan for the Fall 2012 opening of CVCHS. As we enter a new phase in our movement to transform our school, we will continue to rely on the community's dedicated support. GO CVCHS!

CVCHS Charter petition moves up to the Contra Costa County Board of Education (11/11/11)

Thank you everyone for your continued support with the CV charter conversion process.  As you have probably heard, the MDUSD School Board denied our charter petition on Tuesday Nov. 8th.  While we were hopeful that the charter would be approved at the district level, unfortunately it did not happen.  However, we are now able to appeal to the Contra Costa County Board of Education.  The formal appeal should be submitted to the county board on Monday Nov. 14th.  Under California charter law, a public hearing must then be held within thirty days of submission. A final decision on the approval or denial of the charter petition needs to be made within sixty days of submission.  If the county denies our petition, we can then appeal to the CA State Board of Education. 


We are continuing to anticipate and plan for the Fall 2012 opening of CVCHS.  As we enter a new phase in our movement to transform our school, we will continue to rely on the community's dedicated support.  GO CVCHS!
The deadline to to submit the CVCHS Intent to Enroll forms (for the 2012-2013 school year) has been extended to Monday November 7th, 2011.  

You may access the forms below. THIS lS NOT A BINDING AGREEMENT. lf you have any questions or concerns, please email cvchs@hotmail.com

We have added a new parent and community FAQ doc (10/18/11)

CVCHS Intent to Enroll forms (for the 2012-2013 school year) must be submitted by October 28th, 2011
As required by the state of California, for planning purposes we need to have an estimate number of students for next year. lf you are considering attending CVCHS, it is imperative that you return this form no later than October 28. 2011. THIS lS NOT A BINDING AGREEMENT. lf you have any questions or concerns, please email cvchs@hotmail.com

CVCHS submits all 56 conditions to MDUSD (10/12/11)
WE DID IT!! The Steering Committee, along with tons of help from all areas of the community, has submitted all 56 conditions to MDUSD for review! We truly could not have done it without all the help and ongoing support. THANK YOU to the entire CV community! Next steps include waiting for District staff to review and go over with us and then the School Board meeting on October 25th where we hope to make a little bit of Northern California history. Don’t miss it!

Please mark your calendars to attend!  MDUSD Board to revisit charter conditions at October 11th meeting. CVCHS may also be on October 25th board agenda. (10/9/11)
WE NEED YOU! There is another board meeting on October 11 at 7 p.m. at the Dent Center where the Board will hear an update on our meet and confer efforts with the district staff over the 56 "conditions" that were imposed. We will also request that they put us on the Agenda for October 25 to make a final decision on the CV charter, "accept" or "deny", so we may move on with next steps. We need to show them continued public support! PLEASE, attend both meetings if you can. Tell your friends and neighbors also. It is crunch time. Let's do this.
Click below for the CVCHS response to the MDUSD Superintendent's "update" on Oct. 7th. (10/8/11)

U.S. Congressman George Miller stands behind CVCHS Charter, which he hopes the school district won't "derail" (9/21/11)
Please see the recent video posted on the Clayton Patch of U.S. Congressman Miller explaining his concern for the extreme conditions placed on CVCHS by the MDUSD Board.

We need you to show your support for the CVCHS Charter movement, and it's expedited approval as warranted under California Charter law, by writing to local and state officials, as well as local media. Please find contact information below:
Response to the MDUSD decision of "approval with conditions" on the CVCHS charter (9/17/11)

Statement from the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA): “Unfortunately, the district has unilaterally imposed conditions on its approval that call for a level of detail far beyond what is required by law or necessary. We have seen many districts use these sorts of tactics to arbitrarily delay quality petitions in recent years. Given the clear support for this petition from the teachers, parents and community, we urge the school board to work with the petitioners to approve a set of mutually agreed upon conditions that are consistent with charter law." 

 A CHARTER RALLY has been planned for Wednesday night, 9/21, at 7:00pm in the CVHS Multi-Use Room to explain what this decision, which we consider a de facto denial, means and to highlight our plan of action.  Please get the facts and do your part to make sure the charter becomes a reality!

CVCHS Governing Board appoints new members (9/12/11)
Following the governing board election on 9/1/11, the elected members interviewed and appointed several new individuals.  As of September 12th, 2011 the CVCHS governing Board consists of:

Teachers- Pat Middendorf and Neil McChesney
Parents- Alison Bacigalupo and Megan Kommer
Classified staff- Diane Bailey
Community members at-large: Ted Meriam and Kevin King
Retired teacher: Dick Ellis
CVCHS Governing Board election results (9/1/11)
The CVCHS Governing Board election for the applicable stakeholder groups (parents, teachers, & classified staff) was held Thursday night (9/1) in the Clayton Valley multi-use room.  The following people will be respresenting their respective group on the board.

Teachers- Pat Middendorf and Neil McChesney
Parents- Alison Bacigalupo and Megan Kommer
Classified staff- Diane Bailey

The elected board will soon be scheduling interviews with the community at large candidates, two of which will be appointed following that process.
Reminder: CVCHS Governing Board Election Thursday (9/1) evening! (8/30/11)
The elections for applicable stakeholder groups (teachers, parents, and classified staff) will take place in the Clayton Valley High School Multi-use Room onThursday, September 1st, 2011 from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Current CV parents are allowed one ballot per family. For more information see our Governing Board page at:
CVCHS response to district's Q & A (8-29-11)
Please refer to the attached rebuttal/clarification to all of the points raised by the District
U.S. Congressman George Miller endorses CVCHS! (8-9-11)
Representative George Miller, the ranking member on the Education Committee in the United States House of Representatives, has endorsed the CVCHS charter movement. Read his letter by clicking the link below.
CVCHS Public Hearing draws overwhelmingly enthusiastic support! (8-9-11)
Thank you to all who attended the public hearing in support of the CVCHS charter.  Special thanks to those who spoke on our behalf. In case you missed it, you can view the PowerPoint presentation as well as video segments from the presentation and some of the public comment portion by clicking the link below:

Clayton Patch Article analyzing the CVCHS Charter Process (7/26/11)


Update to Aug. 9th Board Meeting time and location (7/19/11)
The time for the August 9th MDUSD Board Meeting (for the charter presentation & public comment) has been moved up to 5:45-7:00 p.m. and the location changed to Monte Gardens Elementary 3841 Larkspur Drive, Concord, CA 94519 (next to the Dent Center).
Charter informational meeting for the community on July 21st (7/9/11)

Charter organizers will be holding another informational meeting for the community regarding the CVCHS charter, and charter process, Thursday July 21st at 7:00 p.m. at the Clayton Library. CV staff, parents, students, and community members are all welcome to attend.


Dates for public Charter hearings announced (6/22/11)

Please, mark your calenders!  Tell your friends and neighbors! The  CVCHS charter initiative has been scheduled for two upcoming Board meetings.  We have been placed at the beginning of the agenda for both meetings, which start @ 7:30p.m., so you may plan accordingly. MDUSD Board meetings are typically held in the Board Room at the Dent Center, 1936 Carlotta Drive, Concord.

Tuesday August 9th @ 7:30

This is a public hearing regarding the CVCHS charter.  Charter organizers will be giving a 10 minute presentation, which will be followed by 50 minutes for public comment. We need a positive and enthusiastic show of support at this meeting to make this dream a reality for our community.

Tuesday Sept. 13th @7:30

During this meeting, charter organizers will be asked follow-up questions by the MDUSD school board. The Board will then make a decision on the charter.  Although there will not be an opportunity for public comment at this second meeting, your physical presence and support is still needed!

More details will follow re: organization of support and solidarity for these meetings.


Please email your support of the charter to the MDUSD Superintendent & Board! (6/17/11)

As we move towards the public hearing for the CVCHS Charter, we could use, and would appreciate, your active support.  You may find the email links below of the MDUSD superintendent and board members.

Steven Lawrence:

Board of Education
Gary Eberhart: 
Sherry Whitmarsh: sherry@mdusd.net
Linda Mayo:  mayolk@aol.com
Lynne Dennler: lynnedennler@gmail.com
Cheryl Hansen: cherylhansenmdusd@yahoo.com


Teacher Petition Results & Final Charter Document (6-9-11)

The Clayton Valley conversion charter was overwhelmingly approved this week by the staff.  Over 80% of the permanent certificated teachers signed a petition in favor of the charter!


We sincerely appreciate the community's patience and support as we have navigated this process over the last couple of months. With the teacher vote completed, the charter is now being made public for your review. 


Charter Document and Appendices 

The charter has also been submitted to MDUSD, which now has 30 days to schedule a public hearing. The date will be posted here once it is determined. We would greatly appreciate community support at this meeting. Parent volunteers and community leaders have already collected signatures and emails of support, representing over 900 people.


Final version of charter completed (6-1-11):

The charter document has been completed and the certificated staff at Clayton Valley has begun the process of reviewing the final document and if in favor, signing a petition of support. A simple majority (50% +1) of permanent certificated teachers is needed to sign the petition for the charter to be submitted to the district. We anticipate this process taking a few days and will post another update once the outcome is known.


Response to Superintendent's FAQ (5-25-11):
Upon consultation with California Charter School Association and ExEd (who further consulted with the California Department of Education), we are posting the following response to the Superintendent's FAQ regarding charter schools that was recently released:

"We appreciate Mt Diablo USD’s recent efforts to respond to the community’s questions concerning the CVHS conversion. However, the District’s statement about passing on additional funds is based on legislation that since January 1, 2010 is no longer in effect.  Recently legislation (SB 191) was passed with the intent to ensure that unified school districts would not be hurt by their conversion high schools. While some confusion remains, this legislation was enacted to ensure that the conversion school will receive revenue limit funding from the state as would any new charter school - based on its student ADA.  We are in the process of confirming this with the California Department of Education and should be able to provide more detail soon.
It is important to note that the conversion would not open until late summer of 2012. While the district will lose funds that follow student ADA, it will no longer carry the costs of operating the school. The conversion will allow the school to focus resources directly on the students it serves and contrary to district assertions, should not negatively impact other programs."

Charter Update: (5-21-11):

We have been very busy the last few weeks writing and revising the 16 required Elements (sections) of the conversion charter.


During this process, we have consulted with several experts, including financial and legal advisers, who work with successful conversion charter schools in California. As we receive their feedback, we are continuously updating various Elements.


Our goal is to have the charter written and submitted to CV teachers by the first week of June. A simple majority (of permanent certificated CV teachers) would then be needed to sign the charter petition in order to move forward. At that point, the charter would be submitted to MDUSD for their consideration.