Clay Therapy Training

Clay Therapy Training 
for qualified therapeutic practitioners
Accredited by PTUK
Dates - 2019, Sunday 7th April - Thursday 11th April inclusive (5 consecutive days)

General Course Information
Clay Therapy training is simply so much more than learning new techniques, skills and interventions. This work keeps the focus on you as therapist and your core theoretical practice whilst enabling you to see with your heart and feel with your body to connect with the client in discovering where the therapeutic work is needed in ethical and creative practice. This course will engage you in an in-depth exploration of many theoretical concepts covering object-relations theory, Jungian concepts as well as Existential perspectives. 

Entry Requirements
This course is designed for those who are already qualified therapeutic practitioners or are near to completing their own respective training as a Play Therapist, Counsellor or Psychotherapist. The course content is likely to appeal also to Creative Arts Therapists, Art Therapists, Authentic Movement Therapists and Music Therapists.

Clay Therapy Course St
* The Rudiments of Clay Therapy when Working with Individual Clientsructure
* Clay Therapy with Groups
* A Theory of Contact: Physical, Emotional and Metaphorical
* Majoring on Physical, Emotional and Metaphorical aspect involved in Clay Therapy
* Symbolism and the Use of Metaphor in Clay Therapy
* Alchemical Processes in Clay Therapy 

Course Delivery Modes
Clay Therapy training sessions have been designed as a blend of learning and teaching approaches to include aspects of the following:
Seminars, prior session reading, individual reflection, pair work, trio work, small group process work and full group discussion, practise sessions, experiential creative clay work, learner presentations, peer group feedback, tutor feedback, individual tutorials, journal writing, individual research and case study writing.

Yelling Village Hall, High Street, Yelling, Cambridgeshire, PE19 6SB. 
£525. The full course fee must be made to secure a place on the course.

Programme Director
Dr Lynne Souter-Anderson, International Presenter in Clay Therapy, is a BACP senior accredited therapist and  a PTUK senior certified clinical supervisor with 27 years experience. Her private practice is in Cambridgeshire, where she offers psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families,, clinical supervision and consultancy work. She has a wealth of experience using the creative arts in educational settings and therapeutically, delivering many Clay Therapy workshops at Conferences in the UK and abroad including Ireland, France, Australia and Morocco. She is the author of Touching Clay, Touching What? The Use of Clay in Therapy.  

Application Process
Prospective learners are invited to apply through completion of a written application form.  Please contact Dr Lynne Souter-Anderson for further details or to request an application form.

Dr Lynne Souter-Anderson’s experience of teaching pottery overlaps four decades whilst her clinical practice using the arts spans some twenty years and more. Continual integration of her interests in the arts, with therapy and education, resulted in a period of consolidation and the award of her M.Ed. As a direct result of these combined experiences, in 2004 Lynne was invited to deliver two workshops on The 
Therapeutic Use of Clay at the Play Therapy International World Congress held in Chichester. Since then, Lynne has presented a multitude of clay therapy workshops internationally. Her passion to promote the benefits of clay therapy is not a fleeting one, for her lineage includes some five generations of artisan potters from Leeds, UK.