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Olympic trapShoot VR

How to use ?

1) Set the target Speed and Scheme by pointing the gun at the slide bar.

2) Select the Station by moving the gun and point at the Station  button, e.g. S1 and hold on for  for 2 sec. 

3) Target will be automatically launched in 5 sec after the button is avtivated. 

4) Push the Magnetic input on the Google Cardboard to shoot the target. 

5) Move from staton to station using 2 to 3 above.

Change Shotgun by Selecting between Beretta DT11 or Perazzi MX8 using the "GUN" tick box. 

Change background by selecting the preferred range using the "RANGE"  tick box. 

At any stage you can reset the scheme by pressing the "Reset" Button.