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This Olympic Skeet App is an exciting App for both beginners and professional skeet shooters. It aids the shooter to get use to the new 2012 ISSF format and a great visualisation/mental training tool.


1)Station by station view
2)Target can be shot using a swing through with tip of your ringer.
3)Single and doubles per station are according to 2012 ISSF rules.
4)Target speed can be adjusted form 0.5ses to 5 sec.
5)Target breaks on hit with real shotgun sound.
6)Available for iPhone and the iPad.
7)Automatic or Acoustic target (Apple only) release .
8)Compete online on the Apple Game Center. You can tap into the leaderboards which will show your rank against your friends. Click here for more details.
9) Real and simulated backgrounds.
10) If projected on a wall, it can be used with acoustic target release as a dry fire training tool at no additional costs.