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Smooth shotgun swing is one of the most important aspects of clay pigeon shooting. ShootSwing is a perfect solution that fits in your hand using an iPhone armband at a cost of less than €5. With ShootSwing, you can easily measure your shooting swing and analyze it using the build in tools.


1) Discover hidden problems in your swing such as muzzle jump during the calling phase, erratic swing movements, etc.
2) Measure your shooting timing and rhythm and spot any trends and variation due to concentration loss

How to use ?

1) Strap the iPhone to your left hand ( for right handed people) or right hand (for left handed people) using an iPhone armband holder.


2) Press the "Start" button.


3) Mount, call, swing and shoot.
4) Press the "Stop" Button.


5) Go to the Analysis tab, the line graph shows your swing profile.


6) If you wish to further analyses your swing performance, you can use an in-build export feature to export your swing data via email attachment to an email address and post process the data using MS Excel.