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Shooting Diary

Self assessment is one of the keys to long-term improvement. You should however also keep track of you performance during competitive play. While it is easy to judge your success on your overall score, a detailed breakdown of your results in each department of the game is more revealing. Its probably too time consuming to take note of such details during the round, but once you have finished a quick mental analysis of each round will reveal the exact breakdown. Then compare your results with previous data. this whole operation only takes a few minutes, and its time well spent as the data highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Try to keep this info in the App so that you can monitor performance trends in your game. To become a better shooter you need to work on your weaknesses until there is little difference between your shortcomings and your strengths.

Record your mental, physical state and environmental conditions whilst on practice or during a competition.  Ideal for Skeet, Sporting, DTL, Universal Trap, ATA, ABT, Olympic Trap & Double Trap shooting scores for individual shooters and coaches.

  • This App allows you to rate on a one to ten scale the various varying conditions that impact your performance on the shooting range.
  • You can also record any specific goals you set for yourself next time you go to the shooting range.
  • A post processing tool is included that  gives you an indication of your practice vs competition average score.
  • The scores  are plotted on a line graph utility.
  • The data can be emailed or exported to a csv file and further analyzed using external tools such as Microsoft Excel or the built in Android Think Free Office..
  • Three points score is included for DTL results. 
  • Scrollable scores.
  • Score and average score graph.
  • Free upgrades.