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Eye Gym

Eye Gym App is an App designed for visual training or eye warm up before practice or competition. Your eyes is another muscle in you body that needs to be warmed up in order to achieve peak performance. The App consists of a series of lateral, horizontal/vertical, circular and random fast moving object on a changing real shooting range backgrounds.


1) Improve speed of  target acquisition.
2) Train you eyes to focus on an object irrespective of the range background.
3) Train your eyes to work together.
4) Improve reaction time.
5) Improve consistency of fixation.
6) Improve consistency and accuracy of eye movements.
7) Expanding peripheral vision.

How to use?

Hold the iPad/iPhone at arms length. focus your eye on the moving object ( the more focused your eyes are, the more details you see in the object). Keep you head still whilst tracking the object with your eyes. Practice on a daily bases especially before the shooting season starts in order to get maximum benefit.

If you want your local shooting range included in this App, please email a picture of the range background to info@clayshootingmindgym.com and It will be included in future releases.