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One of the basic principles of Clay Target shooting is the process of first visualising and then physically re-creating what you've seen in your mind's eye.  Confidence can be enhanced by mentally walk through the scheme before you step on the shooting range using this App. 

This App contains of the three 2013  ISSF Double Trap tables so that you can accustom to the angles and elevations that you'll experience on the shooting range. During each round you'll get 1 pair from each of the three schemes, but the App scrambling device will pre determine the order so that you cannot predict which two machines (program) you'll receive.

The App can also be used as shooting game. The target can be shot by swing through with your finger through the flying target.


  • Faster target acquisition.
  • Improve target recognition on dark green backgrounds.
  • If projected on a wall, it can be used for dry fire training.
  • Improve clay target mental imagery and visualisation.
  • Enhance confidence and preparation.
  • Enhance Eye-Hand coordination.

  • Contains the three double trap ISSF schemes.
  • Target can be shot using a swing through with tip of finger.
  • You can have two shots at a clay with shotgun sound.
  • 30 targets are thrown as per real life situation.
  • Target Speed can be adjusted from 0.6 sec to 10 sec.
  • Target to target delay can be adjusted from 0 to 15 sec. 
  • Referee sound on lost target. 
  • Acoustic targets release.
  • Facebook score share feature.
  • Compete online on the Apple Game Center. You can tap into the leaderboards which will show your rank against your friends. Click here for more details.
  • Available for the iPhone and the iPad.