AppleWatch Apps


  • Score Card records Miss/Hit or Target directions ( Left, Straight or Right).
  • Records Heart Rate.
  • Score Counter.
  • Target Direciton Counter for quick notificaiton if you need to adjust your stance during a round of shooting.
  • Taptic signal if HR rate drops below your optimum level.
  • Score Board
  • HR Graph.

  •  Predicts the last 5 targets direction in Olympic Trap.
  •  Input Target directon from 1 to 20. The App makes the rest!
  • 9 ISSF Tables angles and direction pages.
  • Handy Table cards at you finger tip to prepare for a round.
  • Find out on which station there are trick targets such as low 45deg left or right or a low straight target. 
  •  Shoot Swing magnitude detector.This App uses you Apple watch's accelerometer to measure your swing magnitude.
  • The App also offers a colour coded radial graph of the swing magnitude that varies from green ( smooth) to red ( jump on target).
  •  The OPTiShoot App enables the shooter to get use to a consistent rhythm with the use of the Apple Watch Taptic or sound according to a custom set tempo value.
  • The App also has a feature to record your Call and Shoot for post processing ( available in future releases) and playback.

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