Magister Clay's Latin Page

Welcome to the one stop shop for anything and everything that transpires in Mr. Clay's Latin Class at AHS.  Please choose your class on the left sidebar and go to town.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns

Links of Interest

JCL Packet - Here is the 2015 JCL packet with all the information concerning contest and activities.

Latin I Text - LFA full text separated by Unit.

Cupid and Psyche Text- for those reading this passage for their myth project

Whitaker's Words (online via Notre Dame): A good online dictionary

Logeion - Very cool Greek AND Latin Dictionany

AWOL - 25,000 links to Greek and Latin literature

Virginia Junior Classical League: Website for the VJCL including CONVENTION information

Perseus Project: A fantastic resource for written Latin. Dictionaries, Texts, and more.

The Latin Library: A huge online collection of authors and their works only in Latin.  Good for copy/pasting in research papers and such.

Dickenson College Commentaries on Caesar: An excellent resource for Caesar's Gallic Wars as well as Ovid and Sulpicious Severus.  Includes a rich media experience (maps, pictures, video, audio, etc.)