Operation of a Complex Fuzzbox

'Operation of a Complex Fuzzbox' is a book by Clay Gold featuring the anatomical art of 18th century mezzotint pioneer Jacques Fabien Gautier d'Agoty, which has been further distorted by the author using natural and cultural practices.

This first, full-colour, 40 page hardback book publication by Clay Gold takes the Fuzzbox as a metaphor for the human sensorium and the mind which derives meaning from its reports.
That which is input via the stereophonic, stereoscopic, gustatory, olfactory and somatic receivers as Nature, is output, distorted, as Culture.

Catherine Belsey, author of 'Poststructuralism: A very short introduction' and 'Culture and the Real' 
calls it "wonderfully witty and curiously beautiful"

View the entire book online HERE

Below are scans of the original "tortured" prints; images of the work of Jacques Fabien Gautier d'Agoty which have been printed and then distressed, exposed to the elements, submerged in water and generally mistreated, symbolic of d'Agoty's treatment as an artist and the fragility of the "complex fuzzbox"; they also echo d'Agoty's own experiments and experience in the development of the mezzotint process.
Some of these original prints have been framed and are available for exhibit.

'Simple Fuzzbox'