Breathing to Death

Breathing to Death

'Breathing to Death' by Clay Gold is an edited improvisation with balls, bells, bowls, bow, cymbal, guitar and leslie speaker cabinet.

An improvised recording of percussive sounds was made and then played back, but not monitored, whilst an improvised overdub of de-tuned acoustic guitar was further applied.

The percussion track became the environment, the guitar seemed to represent human presence within that space. The percussion was left alone (but for the addition of reverb to emphasise the point) and the guitar adapted to its environment with effects and editing.

Exquisite bowing and percussion work. Super use of echo, as background texture. Super response of guitar over the background textures. Lovely bowing, great how the layers build on top of the repetitions. The piece has a balance between urgent energy and calm ecstasy!" Wilhelm Matthies
- Three Legs Duck

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