Clay Gold

Clay Gold is a British sound recording artist with an interest in social cybernetics. His recorded, performance and installation work considers the collection, processing, application, destruction and preservation of information within and away from the constraints of the human mind.

  Throughout November/December 2013 Clay Gold's 'The Opposite of Wilderness' was installed as part of GV Art's 'NOISE and whispers' exhibition of sound art, along with more than 30 other international artists. Read a review here:
ATTN:Magazine - Noise & Whispers Review

Clay Gold is currently working with the amazing MUSARC choir as part of
the 'Sound & Music' Portfolio scheme to create a piece to be performed in Summer 2014
More to come ...

Distortion 6 was installed as part of Kent's first Symposium of Acoustic Ecology (November 8/9 2013). The Symposium featured keynote addresses from
Prof. Barry Truax and Dr. Katharine Norman

Clay Gold has been in collaboration with Filmgruppe Chaos from Kiel, North Germany for one year now. Seven short 16mm + sound films have been completed for projection-plus-5.1 at festivals and galleries in Europe and China. Currently working on a 45-60 minute piece, working title: Sportfilm

Clay Gold's multi-channel sound pieces use location recording, synthesis, Foley, worldizing and spot effects within a live performance context and are part of an exploration into actively collected, suppressed and promoted opinion; or censorship and propaganda.

Clay Gold is also working with Laura Moody from The Elysian Quartet on a performance/installation project called 'The Parallelist'.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5
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