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JCDB-A Dress Code - Clay County High and Middle Schools



Dress Code for Students

Clay County High School/Clay County Middle School


Student Appearance:


Students will be expected to keep themselves well groomed and neatly dressed at all times. Any form of dress or hairstyle which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is destructive or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the purpose of conduct of the school will not he permitted.


1.  Students will wear clothing that covers their bodies. "No Hide On the Side, No Belly Buttons Visible, No Low Cut Tops".

2.  Students undergarments will not be visible.

3.  All tops and shirts will have at least one-inch straps/sleeves.

4.  All skirts, shorts, and dresses can he no shorter than three inches above the knees. (Mid-thigh or fingertip measurements are not to be used as the standard). Note: Fingertip measurements are extremely variable due to length or arms or upper body. Mid-thigh is too vague. It is generally understood that principals should consider an allowance for extra tall students in regard to the 3-inch rule.

5.  No shirts/tops (or other clothing) with inappropriate language, alcohol, tobacco or drug advertisements or associated graphics.

6.  No baggy, saggy pants. Note: Weapons could be hidden in baggy pants. Baggy pants fall down.

7.  No chains or longer than necessary belts.

8.  Spandex and hiker shorts are not permitted; neither are tube tops, halters, or other similar items of clothing. Clothing should not be too tight.

9.  Sunglasses, hats, or bandannas may not be worn inside the building.

10. Athletic uniforms that do not meet the standard will be worn at athletic events only. Mesh jerseys can be worn over a T-shirt.



Approved August 2000                                Clay County Board of Education