Reminders for the Week

-Thursday -

Percussion 4-6

- Friday -

All State Choir Auditions

- Sunday -
A Day at the Museum

Buses leave at 9a

Concert Band and After School

*Concert Band begins at 4pm and students will begin to pack up at 6pm. Students may stay after school in the commons area until 4pm.
Supervision, homework help, and a snack and milk will be provided.
Students MUST bring something educational to do.
(No movies, games, or other non-school activities. Board games acceptable.)
Cell phones WILL NOT be permitted between 2:45p-3:45p.
Students staying after school will not be permitted to go to 7-Eleven. Students attending after school time are expected to be on their best behavior and follow the expectations of school.
Students who do not follow the rules of after school will not be permitted to stay in the future. 

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