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Brand New Items                    



You can buy (or sell) here a wide range of second-hand items or first-hand sale..Contact usfor further information on how to advertise your products here.

 As we are constantly renovating, you can always get one of the computers in use in the Cibercafe. None of them is older than 1 year, they are fully equipated (custom orders as well), and they are the most affordable thing you'll find.


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Special New Packs   


 Asus NOX Cube + TFT Flat Screen + Logitech Keyboard + Optical Mouse + Manhattan Clip Webcam + Audio-Micro

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price 650 € 



Second Hand Offers 




graphics card Radecon 9200 SF - processor Athlon XP2000+ 1,67 GH2 256 MB RAM - 80 GB hard disk - DVD recorder 

 price   290 €


Other Electronics 





Ufesa Dueto Creme express coffee maker brand new, we have the best price on the market, very few remaining!

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price   120 €




One-Coffee maker brand new, for those who take them one at a time!

price  20 €