Brief History

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The First Cibercafe of Alcossebre

Clave de Sol   opens its doors for the first time on May 2004, providing the village with a very necessary service; as Alcossebre has a high percentage of people from abroad living temporarily here, it was a must to have a place where to meet, check the net, phone home or beyond, have a late bite or just get assistance whit whatever needs one might have.

Clave de Sol   was born out of music and for the music, so you can always drop by to comment your musical tastes or ideas, or just listen on what we are discovering (and rediscovering) each day.

Clave de Sol   is an idea of Luis Ingrassia Nou.





 Let There BeMore Loud Music





This was the first image you knew for Clave de Sol.

 This is how you see us now. This logo was designed by Vanessa Rivadulla in 2005 and is a Registered Trademark.


>   Luis Angel Ingrassia Nou was born in Argentina, a long time ago.
>   Since then, he has done many things in life, most of them pointless, but some gave some results such as THIS.
>  He is not satisfied, though, so he intends to spread the 'Clave de Sol kilombo'all over the world.
>   If you, like him, think something can be made out of this, meaning having fun while making a living,
talk to us about our business possibilities.