The   ARIATA  Harpsichord

    2 x 8'    FF - f3  + 415/440

On Ariata harpsichords, ease of maintenance is assured by an Italian style sliding jackrail, and good mechanical performance is taken care of by using traditional wooden jacks and a leather covered register with end screws. On single manual harpsichords the keyboard tips down at the back for easy transposing. Folding three point stand included.

To order :  16 month actual delivery time.

School Harpsichord

'Le Dauphin'    1 x 8'

AA/GG - e"  + 415/440

Small is beautiful! My beginners harpsichord is meant for those little fingers, and persons who may not share the same mitten size as my own grubby paws. 'Le Dauphin' is based on the gorgeous harpsichord at the V&A, originally made with very small keys. On my version, the natural keyfronts measure 22 mm, allowing a choice of compass in a width of 83cm.Transposing, of course. As with all my instruments  the soundboard is tuned, barred and thicknessed to the same exacting standards I apply to all my work.

As this instrument is meant for music schools and children, it is of the utmost importance that the musical experience is an encouraging one and that the aural pleasure contributes to the students long term willingness to stay with the harpsichord.

after Pascal Taskin, Paris 1786

To order : 15 month actual delivery time

Notes on the original: Now in storage ( boo, hiss ) at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The original seems to have been made for a child, as can be judged from the extremely small key fronts and a full 5 octave compass in less than 80 cm! Gorgeously decorated in the Louis XVI style.

Heres's the original: