Clavier: Double, with 2 x 8 & 1 x 4 pieds
Compass :  FF - f"'  61 notes  + 415 / 440
Dimensions : Longueur : 234 cm
Width : 94 cm
Height : 24 cm
Wooden Vogel Jacks
Leather covered guides.

Parchment rose, painted flower garland

The double seen here and on our home page is now in Germany and was played  by  Angelika  Tasler  at  'Les Monts de la Madeleine' Festival   in 2008 & 2009.

        STORIA   :    The 1738 Vater.

Replacing feather plectra on a original harpsichord by Antoine Vater (1738). This work was done in preparation for a recording done by Brigitte Tramier of works by Jacques Duphly, a CD that won a number of 'Diapasons d'Or'. Duphly was a friend of Vater, as testified by the piece 'La de Vatre' dans le 2° livre. The instrument was kindly lent by Michael Thomas. During its revisions I took as many measurements as possible and made a copy, now in Spain

The Copy.