In this website I collect and publish nice aspects and results of my work as computational scientist, at CSCS-ETH in Lugano, Switzerland. My specific field is numerical astrophysics.

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Scientific Visualization
The visualization of large datasets produced by observations or simulations is a invaluable means of exploring and understanding complex data "at a glance".
In the last years I've been involved in the development of sophisticated tools for visualization, like SPLOTCH and VISIVO, the usage of advanced software like VISIT or PARAVIEW. Together with my colleagues, we have produced animations for science and outreach.
Cosmological Simulations
Numerical simulations represent one of the most effective tools to study and to solve astrophysical problems. Thanks to the enormous technological progress in the recent years, the available supercomputers allow now to study the details of complex processes, like galaxy formation or the evoution of the large scale structure of the universe. Sophisticated numerical codes can exploit the most advanced HPC architectures to simulate such phenomena
HPC technologies and applications
Part of my work is devoted to the  re-disign and refactoring of secientific applications in order to efficiently exploit on new generations of multi-processors, multi-core, GPU or MIC accelerated supercomputing systems. Different programming models, like MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenACC etc. are experimented and/or adopted.