Claudio Campanale

University of Turin
Department ESOMAS

University of Alicante (On leave)

Research interests

Financial Economics, Macroeconomics

Recent publications

Campanale Claudio, 2016. "Wealth inequality under keeping up with the Joneses preferences", Economic Letters, 145, 282-285.

Campanale Claudio, 2015. “Life-cycle portfolio choice with liquid and illiquid financial assets”, with Carolina Fugazza and Francisco Gomes, Journal of Monetary Economics. 71, 67-83.

Campanale Claudio, 2011. “Learning, ambiguity and life-cycle portfolio allocation”, Review of Economic Dynamics. 14(2), 339-367

Campanale Claudio, 2010. “ Asset pricing in a production economy with Chew-Dekel preferences”, with Rui Castro and Gian Luca Clementi, Review of Economic Dynamics. 13(2), 379-402.


E-mail: claudiogiovanni.campanale@unito.it