Conference Proceedings and Other Publications (last update on 2011-20-12)

The impact of tourism on crime in Italy

Paper presented to the 51st Conference of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), University of Barcelona (Spain), 30 August -3 September 2011 (with B.Biagi)

Understanding the performance of Sardinian wineries with a post-DEA double bootstrap

Paper presented to the XVIII Conference of Enometrics, University of Angers (France), 18-21 May 2011 (with MG.Brandano and M.Vannini)

The impact of tourism on crime in Italy

Paper presented to the Second Conference of the International Association for Tourism Economics (IATE), University of Chiang Mai (Thailand), 11-13 December 2009 (with B. Biagi)

Misura dell’effetto criminalità sull’economia

Counting the cost of crime in Italy

Paper presented at the Workshop on Applied analyses of crime: Implications for cost-effective criminal justice policies, PortoConteRicerche (Italy), 26 October 2009 (with M. Vannini)

The aim of this paper is to gauge the cost of crime in Italy looking at a subset of notifiable offences which captures more than 64% of recorded crime in year 2006. Following the method of Brand and Price, adopted by the UK Home Office, we concentrate on three categories of costs for each offence: in anticipation, as a consequence and in response to a specific crime event. We consider eighteen types of crime offence: bag-snatching, pick-pocketing, theft without contact, vehicle theft, motor vehicle theft, theft from vehicle, theft in dwellings, art theft, theft from a shop, fraud, money counterfeit, counterfeit, mafia and no-mafia related homicide, prostitution, bank robbery and other robberies, drug. The estimated total social cost is more than € 38 billions, which amounts to about 2.6% of Italian GDP. To show the usefulness of this measure, exploiting the elasticity estimates of previous contributions by Marselli-Vannini (2000) and Barbarino-Mastrobuoni (2008), we calculate the cost associated with the increased crime frequency implied by rising unemployment and pardons. Indeed, in both cases the cost of crime is substantial and stress the importance of taking this item into account for evidence-based public policies.

Lunedì 23 Febbraio 2009, Corriere del Mezzogiorno
Venerdì 12 settembre 2008, L'espresso

Employment and efficiency in tourism: A regional perspective

Paper presented to the 48th Congress of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), University of Liverpool (UK), 27-31 August 2008 (with A. Paba and M. Pulina)

La valutazione delle strutture di ricerca: un tentativo di misurazione col metodo DEA applicato ai dipartimenti dell’Università di Sassari