Journal Articles

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(English version or Spanish version


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Other Publications 

Focus On West Virginia Internationally,” with George Hammond in West Virginia Economic Outlook 2005, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, West Virginia University.


Focus On West Virginia County Performance,” with George Hammond in West Virginia Economic Outlook 2005, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, West Virginia University.


Focus On West Virginia State Comparison,” West Virginia Economic Outlook 2005, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, West Virginia University.


Book Chapters

“The Two Sides of de Soto: Property Rights, Land Titling, and Development.” in Emily Chamlee-Wright, ed., Annual Proceedings of the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations, 

Volume 2 (Beloit College Press), 


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Policy Papers

Retirees and Economic Development in West Virginia, (with Mehmet Serkan Tosun, Arzu Sen and Pavel Yakovlev). May 2006. 


Working Papers      

“Grey Dawn: New Evidence on Intergenerational Conflict in Education Spending.” (with Mehmet Serkan Tosun and Pavel Yakovlev). 2010. IZA Working Paper. Public Budgeting and Finance, Revise and Resubmit. 

“Think Tanks.” (with Peter Leeson and Matt Ryan). 2010.

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“Constraining Predation.” 2011.

“Dignity and Development.” 2011. 

“Do States Promote Development?” (with Adam Martin) 2010.

“Putting Geography in Its Place: Exchange, Culture, and Development.” 2009.

“UFOs.” (with Peter Leeson). 2008.