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Skipper Ranking

The current skipper ranking is displayed below.  Effective 2013, it has been changed from a more participation oriented system to a more performance based system.  The skipper rankings are calculated based on the guidelines listed below and are based on the prior year's regatta results.

Skipper Ranking System

The primary purpose of the Skipper Ranking System is to allow performance based fleet splits to be made without conducting time consuming seeding races prior to the start of a regatta. It will be used, for this purpose, at the National Championship Regatta, but is also available for use at any regatta choosing to eliminate seeding heats. The secondary use is for skipper comparative discussion. It is based only on the prior year's regatta results.

The goals of the Skipper Ranking System are:

  • Eliminate the need to conduct seeding heats
  • A simple recording system
  • An easy to assemble and understand system
  • An annual results system

The Skipper Ranking System requires details of the event such as the date it occurred, number of competitors entering the regatta (a minimum of 5 entries is required) and the final finishing position results.

The basic way it works is that the winner of a regatta, with 5 boats or more, gets 100 points.  Last place gets 0 points.  The rest of the skippers earn points based on the percentage of the boats they beat using the follow formula:

Points = 100 /(divided by the number of boats in a regatta less one) multiplied by the number of boats beat.  

So, the winner of a regatta with 9 boats gets - 100/8 X 8 = 100 points.  The third place finisher gets - 100/8 X 6 = 75 points and so on.  Finally, to further equalize performance, the average of the best three regattas, a skipper sailed in during the year, count to determine the ranking points for the year.

How is the Skipper Ranking System administered and how do I get ranked?

  • You must enter an AMYA sanctioned regatta with 5 or more skippers competing to get entered into the ranking system.  
  • Be a registered Victoria owner with a valid sail number.
  • Scores will be calculated after the last scheduled event for the year.
  • Rankings will be valid for the subsequent year.
  • Administration for the  Victoria fleet is being done by the Class Secretary.
  • A skipper with multiple boats registered, will be calculated as if it was one boat.
  • Event results must be sent to the Class Secretary to be included.

Revised Skipper Rankings for 2013