The Victoria Class Information Center is designed to provide information on the Thunder Tiger Victoria Racing Yacht. The Victoria is recognized by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as a "One-Design" model Yacht class.

This web site contains information for competitive sailors, hobbyists, and those considering joining the sport.

To talk to other Victoria skippers, the forum is an excellent starting place. This is a Yahoo Group and you are invited to join.  There is no better place on the web to get building help, sailing tips and advice to improve the performance of your yacht.

When you are ready to hit the water, make sure your Victoria is registered, join the AMYA and a local club, then enjoy the sailing!

Just how popular is the Victoria? Check out how many boats have been registered in your region!

Regions # boats
R1 (Northeast) 82
R2 (Mid - Atlantic) 173
R3 (South) 338
R4 (Midwest) 209
R5 (Southwest) 460
R6 (West) 301
Total as of June 2013 1563