Welcome! In the last couple years the Internet has made some dramatic changes. Most in the technology field today call the all these changes Web 2.0. Essentially, the Internet is becoming our platform. For many it will no matter if you are running OSX, Vista, or Linux. This session provides you with a set of Web 2.0 resources that will help you in your classroom tomorrow. They are easy to use, easy to implement, and, most importantly today, free.

The list on the side represents the main topics to be discussed today.


I had planned to develop a nice presentation to start off the day, but decided a that short list would suffice.  This is why I (and many others) think that teaching our students 21st Century skills is vital:
  • Traditional classroom model built to support industrialization.
  • China and India
  • New technologies have changed the eco-system outside of the classroom, but not inside of it.
  • We are marginalizing ourselves and making institutionalized education irrelevant - where does that leave us?
  • Future requires the US to be innovative, does industrial model support that?
  • Best technology/tools or best strategy doesn't always mean success
Here is an interesting article from the NY Times.