Ask any student how many teachers were exciting, inspiring, and turned them on to a lifetime of self education? Chances are, if they’re honest, they’ll say they’ve never really had such a teacher, or maybe one, if they were extremely lucky. That’s the problem with K-12 education – there are hundreds of world class, fascinating, teachers out there, but the vast majority -- millions -- of students are rarely exposed to them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, somehow, there was a way to bring together the few fantastic, exciting, fun teachers we're fortunate to have with the millions of students across the country needing them, in every subject and grade? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if, somehow, these terrific teachers could be combined with stunning video graphics and sound, like the video games our
kids play an average of 4 hours per day? The old teaching method of sitting quietly in a classroom, listening to a teacher talk, just doesn’t work anymore. Amazingly, teaching methods haven’t changed since our great-grandparents went to school a century ago. While our kids have advanced, the teaching establishment has NOT. Thanks to TV, video games, iPods, cell phones, texting on Blackberries, our kids have developed much quicker responses and much lower boredom thresholds.
        Something must be done to alleviate this generational discrepancy. Can you imagine any possible way we could, using 21st century technology, give ALL students a world-class education?
        ...well, here’s an idea that just might work… 

     Classroom Spectaculars (CS) is the name I've given to a revolutionary new concept in K-12 education.

The Problem: Today's K-12 students are thoroughly bored in class, thanks to daily exposure to the vivid action and sensational sound of today's video games & TV shows. This boredom leads to undisciplined classes which distract teachers from their teaching duties. This in turn makes it impossible to students to learn what they need to know to become useful citizens and succeed in life.

The Solution: Classroom Spectaculars (CS) 
        CS will start as a ingenious new reality TV show, selecting the absolute best K-12 teachers (for every grade and every subject) in the USA.
        First, schools all across the country will submit one hour videos of their favorite teachers to begin the search. Next, these videos will be reviewed by panels made up of educators and entertainers, selecting the top (most dynamic) 10 teacher candidates for each class grade and subject (about 150 categories total for the 13 years).
        Next, the top teachers will compete in a network "reality" TV show (similar to American Idol, The Apprentice and Last Comic Standing) to select the absolute best teacher for each subject and class level (category). The winning teachers will have that special presence and excitement that our students need to really "get into" and learn a given subject. The TV shows will provide roughly 150 half-hour "shows" of new educational entertainment content for the TV networks (who'll gladly foot all the production costs). CS will make a reality show like never before, since competing teachers would have many more local supporters, offer VERY interesting content (since they LOVE to teach and LOVE their subjects) with an enthusiasm you'd never see in an ordinary singer, dancer or apprentice wanna-be.
        Then, the winning teachers (one for every grade & every subject) will be professionally video recorded in their actual home classrooms for one entire school year. These videos will form the basis for sensational productions, living up to the name, “Classroom Spectaculars”.
        Next, professional video game creators, along with graphic artists, sound and special effect creators will turn the in-class video recordings into 30 minute (per class period) DVDs, full of vibrant sound and sweeping video graphics, that teachers across the land will use to teach their classes. An accreditation panel (made from top accreditation boards across the country) will guarantee the DVDs cover ALL material required to the depth required for the best possible education.
        When completed, the program material will cover all subjects for all thirteen class years. CS will provide a fully accredited K-12 education on plastic (DVD disks), as well as preserving forever the very best teachers at the peak of their teaching careers. Since the winning “star” teachers are the best of the best, they are most capable of capturing the interest of even the least motivated student. These excellent teachers are fired up to get their subjects across to the viewers, since they completely know and LOVE their subjects, having taught them for years! The result will be a fantastic, mind-blowing library of “edu-tainment” DVDs. These (Blu-Ray or HD) high density DVDs (capable of nearly a hundred hours each) will be made available for use in K-12 classrooms throughout the country and perhaps, eventually, the entire world, educating children like never before, in every subject. Our kids will finally be learning and loving it, and the teachers will become world-class celebrities!  Imagine ... celebrities famous for their knowledge and spectacular teaching skills rather than their good looks or acting talent.
        The half-hour videos, one for each class period, will give the home classroom teacher equal time per hour to introduce, pause the show, elicit classroom comment and answer questions. The videos won’t be a "threat" to the home teachers; rather, CS will relieve them of having to insure required material is presented, as well as relieving them of having to prepare their daily lessons.
        Instead of a threat to the home teachers, CS will serve as excellent examples of the very best possible teaching techniques and material, in their own subject and grade. CS should help tremendously to alleviate the ever-worsening K-12 teacher shortage. In-class teachers will be inspired by the excellent teaching examples and by the possibility of someday becoming celebrity teachers themselves. The cost of implementing such a system will be negligible, since the TV studios will be paying all production costs, and distribution costs will be minimal compared to the billions currently thrown at our declining educational system today, with poor effect.
        CS videos will be universally available for take-home use (repetitive viewing is crucial) and for family entertainment. CS will bring top quality education to the poorest urban ghetto schools and the tiniest country schools all over the country. They will be made available to prison inmates to view (and finally get a quality education) rather than watching ordinary TV or video games. The videos are a natural for the internet and will also be shown on dedicated CS TV channels as "edu-tainment", similar to Nova, Cosmos, Discovery & the History Channel (but MUCH more exciting to watch).


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How much will it cost?
A - This is the best part – CS will essentially be FREE to put into all our K-12 schools! The TV networks will pay for the reality show competitions, just to get the
many years of popular entertainment TV ‘content’. Since no celebrities are involved, and the teachers will be happy to participate for FREE, the only costs will be
for the graphic artists, sound and special effect creators, who might be willing to contribute their talents for the good of the educational system. Even if they charge for their work, those charges could easily be paid out of the TV network profits. Using new high density DVDs (and perhaps 'Colossal' 100 TeraByte DVDs someday) makes
the number of actual disks to distribute minimal. Perhaps the government or DOE will foot the production and distribution bill. Either way, it will cost much less
than the billions thrown at our K-12 system today, with very little effect.

Q – Why did I patent Classroom Spectaculars?
A – Not to make money, just to keep my hand in, and make sure CS turns into the great venture I predict it will someday.

Q – What sort of time schedule will CS take?
A – This is undetermined now, but for talking purposes I suggest doing only one or two grade levels per year, starting with Kindergarten. That way, the kids in the first class will proceed at (or nearly at) the rate of CS development. They’ll be the best educated children this country has ever seen.


Q – Doesn't CS undermine local (in-class) live teachers?
A – No. K-12 classes will still need live teachers, to show the CS videos and conduct Q&A sessions in the 2nd half-hour. CS also gives local teachers first-hand examples

of how to become excellent teachers themselves. Above all, teachers want order restored to their classes, and they want students to LEARN. Teachers won't have to

spend so much time preparing lessons or making sure accredited material is presented -- that'll automatically be done for them, so they can spend their time answering questions and conducting review sessions at the end of the video. Home schoolers will LOVE CS.


Q – What does the NEA (Nat'l Educ Assoc) think of CS? Don't they view it as an assault on the teaching profession?
A – See answer above. The NEA knows K-12 education has serious problems, as stated above -- discipline, poor teachers, high dropout rates, uneducated graduates,

all problems that CS will alleviate if not completely eliminate. It's only a matter of time before the NEA and all teachers realize the obvious advantages and inevitability of CS.


                Think of this – CS will:
                        Get K-12 students enthused about school and lifetime learning,
                        Preserve videos of our absolutely best K-12 teachers at the peak of their careers,
                        Provide years of worthwhile "content" for the TV networks,
                        Give the video game industry a fantastic opportunity to improve our society,
                        Give underprivileged students a world-class education
                        Give all K-12 teachers excellent examples of how to reach and teach their students, and
                        Produce a crop of high school grads that will revolutionize the world.


The USA already has the finest universities in the world. CS makes it possible for us to have the best K-12 schools, too.

by Lee Webb
Broomfield, CO (303) 438-8142 (summers) and
Naples, FL (239) 530-7366 (winters)

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