Classroom Management for All Grades

Classroom Management: "The provisions and procedures necessary to establish and maintain an environment in which instruction and learning can occur" (Duke, 1979).  Strategies necessary to maintain classroom order and promote an effective learning environment.

-classroom management is dependent on rules and procedures
-requires knowledge of skills, techniques, and ideas to effectively maintain order
-good classroom management starts on the first day of school with clear expectations
-effective management is tied to a well planned, engaging curriculum
-balance of cooperation and domination
-teachers show genuine interest in their students' lives and education


We believe that classroom expectations are an important element of a classroom management plan; possibly the most important. Presenting student expectations at the beginning of the year is essential to creating a successful learning environment. Disciplinary interventions are quite necessary in any classroom management plan. A teacher n
eeds to establish a plan of action when undesirable behaviors occur. All of these components are necessary for a management plan to be effective. These components are interdependent and rely upon each other.

Classroom Management Plans Examples


Below are some important components of a classroom management plan:

-Assessment Strategies that Promote Management Goals
-Behavior Plan