"ClassroomGiving.org", started, when a public-school teacher, in Arizona posted her pay-stub online and it went viral. It is hard enough for anyone to survive on $35,000 a year, but Ms Milich has to purchase school-supplies and snacks for her second-grade students, spending $50 - $100 every week. "ClassroomGiving.org",is connecting classrooms, in need of supplies, with generous individuals (and companies) who are willing to help. We would like to hear about more classrooms in need, nationwide. Please contact us at "give@classroomgiving.org"  or through our 
 TWITTER page.   



Many public-school teachers need supplies for their classrooms, which school districts do not supply.  Since most students cannot afford to purchase such supplies, teachers pay for the supplies they need, out of their own pockets.    As teachers are often poorly paid, many, must choose between buying supplies for their classrooms—or for their own households.  Teachers and their classrooms need supplies on an ongoing basis, regardless of school projects and curriculum or the generosity of relatives and friends.  This is not another fund-raising campaign.  You and/or your company can directly supply a classroom with items that teachers and students need daily: • paper. •  crayons  • markers. • hand- sanitizer.  •  Wipes • Snack  • folders  • Erasers  • Composition notebooks • reading books for the school library.     You can buy these items 
online  and ship them directly to the classroom, of your choice, at the teacher’s request.    To purchase items, see our “We Need Supplies” page

This initiative hopes to expand and accomplish the following goals over time:

Reach local-businesses and individuals, who would like to help a classrooms, in their area, by
supplying the classroom directly with school-supplies, according to their need, as specified
 by the teacher on our website. 

Businesses and individuals, can help, without any long-term commitment.  Each item, which
the classroom needs, is listed separately, and can be purchased individually online and 
shipped to the classroom directly. Once the item is sent to the teacher, it comes off the list,
 just like on a wedding-registry. You will be notified when the item arrived at the classroom and who signed for it.

This initiative hopes to expand Nationally.  We will make an effort to contact generous individuals and organizations, in all 50 states, who are committed to supporting public-education. We hope to hear from public-school teachers everywhere, who are forced to buy school supplies out of pocket.

We hope to expand from helping with school-supplies, to providing classroom snacks as well.
many public-school teachers, are forced to buy snacks, for their students, just to give them
some energy during class and keep the students focused. 
 Those snacks should be healthy, and not just reasonably-priced.  We hope to
provide healthy snacks to classrooms everywhere.

ClassroomGiving will organize, encourage and remind teachers, to arrange student-feedback.
  These thank-you notes, and thank-you posters, send to the givers,
 by local students, will help to spread a spirit of giving.  having to write these thank-you 
notes, will remind the students that there is a lot of generosity and positivity, in the real world, 
and that there is value in giving.

Once we are in many schools, we will try to contact the school-librarians, and find out which
reading-books are missing from their library.  Some of the most common books are very
reasonably-priced online, and you only need a couple of copies for every school.
(that can include hard-copy books and eBooks)

At some point in the future, we hope to be able to approach a retailer, like Amazon, or Staples,
to issue a discount-code, so that givers, who buy school-supplies for public-school
classrooms, through our website, are able to buy more for less. 

Once a company, develops a giving-relationship, with a local-classroom, we can help the
teacher initiate a "field-trip", to show the students, what the company does.  If that relationship
lasts, at some point that relationship may result in internships or summer-jobs for the students
with the sponsoring company.