Europe's Legacy of Colonialism, Imperialism, and American Greed

by Jacqueline S. Homan 

There's nothing worse than a hypocrite, except an imbecilic, arrogant, selfish hypocrite with an ego problem who lacks knowledge in history. This rant from a well-off European — a snobby, spoiled British/Scottish wet-behind-the-ears brat named "April" — lamenting all the "greedy Americans" her affluent parents observed while vacationing in style on a luxury cruise ship after traveling across the ocean to the US to vacation in Hawaii takes the cake.  

April implied that all Americans are greedy because the Americans on that Hawaiian cruise ship "lacked self-control" when it came to food:
"When my Mum and Dad were on a Hawaiian cruise a few years ago they were repulsed by the amount of gluttony displayed by the American passengers. Instead of people just putting what they could eat on the plate, they cram everything on it as if it were their last meal before they died."

She went on about how Americans lack self-control because they preferred to eat sausage and eggs for breakfast every day rather than sausage and eggs one day and bacon and beans the next. She asserted that white Americans could not possibly be of European descent given our diametrically opposed attitudes towards food, implying that white Europeans are far more civilized than white Americans because Europeans — being more properly cultured —put smaller portions on their plates because they always know that they can always return for second, third, or even fourth helpings. So Europeans do the exact same thing that their American contemporaries do; they're just more sneaky about it while pretending to have better manners. Newsflash: greed is greed, no matter how cleverly cloaked in false affectations and superficial appearances.

According to the narrow worldview of a spoiled snob who can afford to "go on holiday" every year throughout Europe and across the ocean to America, any American who doesn't want baked beans for breakfast is a greedy pig whose attitudes and tastes regarding food are miserably inferior to the "superior" tastes and habits of Eurotrash class bigots and racists who have benefited unjustly from the largess of the world off the backs of the world's women, minorities, other nations, and the world's poor since imperial Rome's system of popery launched the Crusades over 900 years ago, and subsequently framed the Doctrine of Discovery which disenfranchised the Native Americans and launched the biggest genocide since time immemorial, right here on American soil.

Apparently April didn't get the memo: white Americans ARE indeed of European heritage. We did not fall out of the sky and land here on a continent  that was populated by non-white indigenous peoples who were geographically isolated from the rest of the world and whose Neolithic culture was uninfluenced by outside forces for nearly 25,000 years.

For the most part, white Americans today have still retained some of their European ancestors traditions, but the part of our European past we tried to shed with the founding of this nation was Europe's class rigidity and feudalism. This collective sentiment against classism is reflected in the writings of John O'Sullivan, friend and publisher of famed American author, Nathaniel Hawthorne. O' Sullivan called for a "new American culture", regretful of the fact that Americans spoke English because that meant that Americans were "covered by the mind of England" and "enslaved to the past." As author Judith Shklar tells us in Ordinary Voices, classism is caused by "disloyal Europhilia, which is fundamentally undemocratic and false to the spirit of America." That is why the classical works of literary geniuses like Mark Twain and Sinclair Lewis resonate with anti-snob sentiments; to remind us who we are as a nation and why we broke from Britain and distanced ourselves from the grasping clutches of Europe's central banks. But I digress...

It's a safe bet that April never had to live in a trailer park or a "tent city" during her sojourns. It's also a safe bet that working class Europeans aren't anywhere near as poor as their American counterparts that, despite working multiple low-wage jobs, are forced to forego eating for two or three days each month because there isn't enough money to afford enough food (never mind good quality food) after rent, basic utilities, and transportation. But this is the reality for America's working class and poor. Food insecurity is a daily experience for a significant number of Americans. The percentage of poor, food insecure Americans outnumbers the total population of Britain and France combined. I don't see any "civilized" European countries sending America's poor any aid, or opening their doors to welcome America's poor and working class with open arms as economic refugees desperately in need of a chance for better lives and opportunities that they're not getting in America. European middle and upper classes don't want  poor Americans, most who are the descendants of Europe's discarded  poor  — they shipped them to America during the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. 

Who are these "greedy Americans?"

The "greedy Americans" on that Hawaiian cruise ship are not the majority  of the US population. Most Americans have never been able to afford to go on any kind of vacation, never mind a luxury cruise or travel abroad. The number of Americans in poverty as of 2008 was 39.8 million people. Most are women. That number has increased in 2010. Here are some facts about "greedy Americans":  

  • Most Americans (58.5%) will spend at least one year at or below the federal poverty level, which is defined as having an annual income at or below $21,000/year for a family of four.
  • Currently there are 50 million Americans without access to health and dental care.
  • More than 60 million Americans are living in dire straits in poverty.
  • One in five US households lacks enough money to buy food.
  • Over 5 million American families have lost their homes and a total of 13 million American families are expected to become homeless by the year 2014. Every day, 10,000 homes enter foreclosure.
  • The official unemployment rate fails to include the jobless who are ineligible for unemployment benefits, so taking all involuntarily unemployed Americans into account, the real unemployment rate is more than 20%.
  • 30 million Americans who have jobs are under-employed.
  • 6 million of America's unemployed receive no income at all; they're subsisting only on a meager and inadequate ration of food stamps which doesn't buy toilet paper, soap, or feminine hygiene products.
  • 40 state programs are slated to go bankrupt due to rising poverty and a decline in income tax revenue.
  • Of the 50 million low-income Americans, 15 million have a job but still don't get paid enough to be lifted above the poverty or near-poverty level.
  • Half the nation makes less than $32,390/year.
  • Over 60% of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. (And there is no real safety net, thanks to the draconian Welfare Reform Act of 1996 which followed after 8 years of Reaganomics and 4 years of more years of abusive economic policies implemented by George Herbert Walker Bush, the Clinton administration, and most recently, George W. Bush — "the Shrub").
  • Over 60 million Americans live on less than $7/day.
  • 5 million American households have had life-sustaining utilities (electric, water, and gas) shut off  for lack of money to afford the bills. 
  • One American dies every 12 minutes for lack of access to health care.
  •  The maternal and infant mortality rate in America is the highest of any western nation, higher even than some Third World countries.

The reason that there are tens of millions of Americans struggling with poverty and lack of affordable health care is because of a European legacy of greed as a cultural imperative, born of European classism which is the progeny of Roman imperialism. Countless Americans have suffered without access to basic health and dental care and lacked access to advanced educations since World War II, after which Europe got rebuilt on America's dime through the Marshall Plan and other measures implemented by a "stupid, uneducated, greedy American" from a Podunk Midwestern town — former late president Harry S. Truman. That's why university educations, housing, medicines and health care delivery systems in Europe are socialized and therefore health and dental care is available to all Europeans, regardless of what social class they're from. That money that was spent on helping Europe rebuild after the war — which was a crisis of Europe's making to begin with — could have and should have been spent on uplifting America's uneducated, poor and working classes who don't have health care, who hail from the generation of heroes that saved Britain from becoming Hitler's outhouse. It ill-becomes privileged European snobs like April, or the more infamous British expatriate Steven Fowler, to insult all Americans by calling us "stupid", "uneducated", and "greedy."

So who are these "greedy Americans" that can afford to go on luxury cruises and have a vacation where they do nothing but stuff their faces? The truth: a tiny, over-privileged top 10% of the US population — the socio-economic peers of Europe's selfish upper classes that benefited from generations of unearned privilege.

What about the greedy Europeans?

For smug, arrogant and spoiled Europeans to say that "all Americans are greedy pigs" reeks with the stench of hypocrisy. And that's putting it mildly.

I take extreme umbrage to the bash-Americans fest that snobby, spoiled Europeans routinely engage in as if they're so much better than Americans when they're too cheap and greedy to share their resources and help poor Americans who will never enjoy a fraction of the privileges they have. Britain and continental Europe does not welcome poor immigrants who are economic refugees seeking a safe haven and economic opportunity that they're not getting in America. Nor do European nations allow anyone not born there to have a job because that would be taking away from their native citizenry. Here's some facts backed up with historical and archeological evidence about who the real greedy ones are:

  • It was greedy Europeans who colonized America under the direction of Europe's in-bred crowned heads with the blessing of the Vatican (a metamorphasized form of the Roman Empire) which issued a series of papal bulls backed by ecclesiastic courts and holy warriors like the Jesuits that framed the Doctrine of Discovery, granting possession and title to Europe's Christian monarchs to land and resources, and the right to enslave indigenous peoples, that the papacy had no right whatsoever to assign. The result: 95% of America's indigenous peoples were exterminated and their land stolen in the name of divine providence and Manifest Destiny. For the unenlightened or geographically challenged, the Vatican — the patriarchal, paternalistic imperial seat of world Christendom — is in Italy, which is in Europe.  
  • It was greedy Europeans who launched the trans-Atlantic slave trade, kidnapping Africans and sending them in chains to America where they were sold into a generations of lifetimes of slavery; forced to build infrastructure and produce agricultural wealth for white European colonists. African slaves were deprived of their most fundamental human rights because they were considered "property", not human beings, simply because they weren't  European or Christian.
  • It was greedy Europeans whose entrenched imperialism, after centuries of Dark Age feudalism and brutal sexism, that gave rise to American vulture capitalism.
  • It was greedy Europeans whose policies of colonialism turned the entire African continent into a brutal killing field of corruption and poverty, stripping diamond and timber rich Africa of its natural resources and precious minerals, ruining the environment, and fomenting the blood diamond problem, among other issues. (Does DeBeers ring a bell, anyone?)
  • It was greedy Europeans from the privileged classes who dumped Europe's poor and unwanted on American soil as a matter of social policy so that their wealth and resources wouldn't be taxed to support them. Untold numbers of poor whites were banished to colonies like Virginia when Britain emptied its prisons and workhouses, dumping its most disadvantaged class of luckless people on American soil. 
  • It was greedy Europeans whose ruling class and central bankers that plunged the world into two cataclysmic world wars, dragging America into the melee both times.
  • It was greedy European central bankers whose tentacles of power reached across the Atlantic and gripped Americans into their stranglehold with their manipulation of the West's economy. They're the ones who, with a few cherry-picked American puppets, gained control of America's banks and monetary system, eventually creating the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the World Bank. The Federal Reserve (which is neither "federal" nor a "reserve") is the body that confiscated this nation's gold and issues this nation's money supply, a fiat currency. It is owned and controlled by privately owned member banks that are privately owned by the same "moneychangers" denounced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt — the same elites that own and control Europe's banks and in whose coffers the world's gold flowed into.
  • It was greedy Europeans who were directly responsible for the Holocaust, resulting in the extermination of two thirds of Europe's Jews, and although SOME Europeans helped save a few Jews, it was ultimately America and Russia who defeated the Nazi war machine and it was America that took in the most Jewish refugees fleeing Europe by Night and Fog, and absorbing the most Holocaust survivors from Displaced Persons camps after Germany's surrender in 1945. Europe is still very anti-Semitic, with Poland being the most anti-Semitic European nation of all.
  • It was greedy Europe's economic elites in league with their chosen few American fortunate sons that caused the current crisis in the Middle East. Operation Ajax was launched over half a century ago, overthrowing the popular and lawful prime minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadeq, in a mad oil grab after the end of World War II by America's Nazi-staffed CIA at the behest of wealthy elites from Europe's selfish class: the House of Rothschild, Queen Beatrix and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the Warburg and Schiff dynasties, the heads of British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell and their American puppets and co-conspirators (Harriman, Bush, Rockefeller, and the Dulles gang to name a few).
You can read more about Europe's legacy of greed and crushing global elitism and its undermining of America in the book Nothing You Can Possess. Operation Ajax sowed bitter seeds of hatred and resentment against the West in Iran, Iraq, and the trans-Jordanian nations, exacerbating the existing friction caused by Britain's control and subsequent carving up of Palestine to create the state of Israel as a place for the excess Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors (whose property was confiscated by greedy Europeans) rather than return the homes, businesses, property and money to the survivors of the Holocaust and to the heirs of Holocaust victims. Untold loot of priceless art that was once owned by European Jews found its way to the Vatican, Europe's museums, and the estates of wealthy nobility.

Since America has always been Europe's lackey and served as Britain's whipping boy, Americans were used (and paid with their lives) to further British and European interests at the expense of the people in the Middle East (and we wonder *why* we have a terrorist problem?). America suffered the worst repercussions for being ill-used as Europe's water boy and carrying out Britain's dirty work when on a calm, sunny morning on September 11th  2001, over 5,000 innocent American civilians were killed in one fell swoop in the WTC and Pentagon attacks. The majority were from America's "invisible" working class: volunteer rescue teams, janitors, cafeteria workers, receptionists, secretaries, and job seekers — hardly those comprising the ranks of the privileged who would likely be on luxury cruise ships stuffing their faces with the finest of foods and wines.