Lesson and Activity Ideas

Create lessons and activities that will advance learning using an iPad.

Take our two part challenge:
1. Visit and read some lesson ideas listed on the left, below.
2. Brainstorm and create a lesson idea and use it in your iPad Classroom!

Lesson Ideas (that I've seen implemented in classes)

Fishbowl Socratic Discussion
Discipline (World History/English)
Description: Selected students in a center circle discuss an issue or topic. Students in an outer circle listen and respond.  Outer circle students post responses to a backchannel website http://todaysmeet.com/ via iPads. The size and flexibility of the iPad contributes to the ease of posting and responding. The backchannel provides a venue for later reflection. Setting up a Socratic Seminar from Edutopia

Coaching Math
Discipline Math
Description: Teacher uses the coaching feature on the Khan Academy to respond to and watch students progress in real time. Students with iPads are able to use the "scratch pad" feature and move forward in mastering the lessons. More engagement than a paper & pencil worksheet? You bet!

Creative Writing iBooks
Discipline: English
Description: Students create an electronic writing portfolio on a Google Doc or text editor. Teacher collects the books on a single iPad.  Teacher then highlights and makes comments returning notes to students via email. This year long assignment results in student authored creativing writing ebooks with a new chapter for each assignment. 

Reading Literacy Improved
Discipline: English or History
Description: Teachers use eReading (iBooks) to read literature with challenging vocabulary such as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde or Shakespeare.  Students "talk to the text" by journaling on the iPad, annotating, highlighting, note taking and looking up words using the iPad iBook features.  Ease  of looking up vocabulary increases understanding. 

Idea: Poetry Books
Discipline: English
Description: Students create iBooks that include model poems along with their own original poems. They learn and utilize poetic terms and techniques and include artwork. Then students recite and record themselves reading poetry including the audio or video in the iBook. Next they share their poetic ebook with others.

Learning Stations
Discipline: All
Description: Using 8 to 10 iPads in a class, teacher sets up learning stations for students. The stations include apps, photos, videos, websites and other content needed for the lesson. Each station contains directions and tasks. Students rotate to each station viewing and interacting with the content and completing the activity. Teacher jigsaws class or brings class back as a whole for a discussion of materials learned.

Flip the Learning
Discipline: All
Description: Students "teach the class" by using one of the interactive whiteboard apps along with movie and photo apps to solve a problem or explain a concept.  They create a "spectacularly engaging" video on a topic. Students access their completed "teachable moment" and learn from the class.  

Story Telling
Discipline: World Language
Description: Students use apps such as Story Patch or Story Kit to create tales in the language they are learning.  Students share out and learn from each other's stories via pdf, projector or Apple TV. 

Drawing an Allegory
Discipline: World History
Description: Students download and read "The Allegory of the Cave" conversation between Socrates – Glaucon in The Republic defining terms and annotating as they read for understanding.  Then they create a presentation in a screen casting app such as ShowMe, Educreations or Explain Everything explaining their interpretation of the story and "drawing" the cave on the whiteboard app.  They share out their prestations to the class.

Lesson Sites 
Immigration & Primary Sources
Discipline: History
Description: Students collect or teacher places primary source media in the iPad Photo Albums. Media includes, documents, iTunes U lectures, primary source photos and films from Library of Congress on iTunes U. In table groups, students are guided by questions that spark conversation. This fosters discussion beyond what occurs during most teacher lectures. Students gain a solid foundation through inquiry and critical thinking prior to accessing traditional background information on the topic.

Idea: Challenge Based Learning
Discipline: All
Description: Teacher issues students a challenge based on a learning objective. Students use the flexibility and multimedia tools on the iPad to meet the challenge. Students create videos, podcasts, blogs, web materials, apps and iBooks as part of their learning. They conduct surveys and do research. Once the challenge is met, they use the iPad to "show what they know".

Science in Two 
(or News or Language)
Discipline: All
Description: A class start up activity - As students enter the class, they grab their iPads and access quick and informative videos on a topic.  Short videos found in iTunes U or on YouTube are good discussion starters and make a topic engaging.  After watching, students meet as a whole or in small groups to discuss the video. As the year progresses, students are assigned to create the class start up videos on the iPads. 

Virtual Field Tripping
Discipline: World Language or Art
Description: Students and teacher take a field trip via iPad using some of the travel or tour and museum apps.  Students learn language and culture while traveling from their school desk via Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View and apps.

Comic Creation
Discipline: History
Description: Students "show what they know" about a historic topic by creating Comic strips, books or images using Comic creation apps.  They share out their renditions of history for other students to critique and enjoy.

Artist Sketches
Discipline: Art
Description: Using an app like "Paper" beginning art students practice skills. They use the digital app as a journal/sketchbook to practice techniques and try out compositions before moving on to real paper, pen and brushes.