Welcome to my Web and Mobile Tools and Apps page, Class in the Cloud. 

If you would like a video overview of many of the Google tools discussed in this site, check out this video:

Google Apps Overview: Educational Program for SJUSD featuring Nicole Naditz

This site includes information about numerous Web Tools and Apps, and especially Google Tools with classroom applications (that's virtually all Google tools, by the way!). There are already some video tutorials on this site. These tutorials are "insecure" and will not load properly unless you opt to run/load these features when you visit the site. A message bar or window should appear towards the top of this page asking if you wish to load insecure content.

This site is purposefully geared towards those who feel they are novice users of Google Apps (and other Web tools and apps). For Google, more advanced and experienced users may find more detailed explanations and tutorials for more advanced features at the Google Apps for Education online Training Center. And novices will find a lot of information at this site as well. 

Use the menu across the top to jump to information about specific types of tools.

One last note: many (if not most or all) users find that most interactive Web tools and Apps, including Google products do not run effectively in Internet Explorer. If the page seems to load strangely (for example with lines of text overlapping each other) or displays an error message suggesting that you "upgrade to a modern browser," search for Google's own browser: Chrome. Download that to your computers and run your Google products (including Gmail) from there. 

There's a lot to see and learn here, and the site is in a constant state of development--partially because I'm always learning more (and wanting to add better ways to share that knowledge) and partially because the tools and apps themselves are constantly evolving as developers enhance current content and create new tools.