Introduction to Classification and Taxonomy
Use these resources to either refresh your memory or learn for the first time about why classification and taxonomy are important and how scientists begin to classify the millions of organisms on our Earth!


Scientists disagree on whether organisms should be categorized into 5 kingdoms or 6.  The discrepancy is whether one kingdom, Monera, should include all bacteria or if bacteria should be broken down into two kingdoms, Archaebacteria and Eubacteria.  Either way, the following resources will give you specific characteristics for each kingdom.


Phylums and Classes of Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia is absolutely huge!  In order to organize all the different animals in the world, scientists have broken down the animal kingdom even further.  The following sites will help you understand how animals are classified and give you information on some of the larger groups within the animal kingdom.


Scientific Names and Animal Information

You may call your family pet a dog, but scientists might say Cannis familiaris.  Why the difference?  There are SO many different types of organisms in the world that scientists have given each a different, completely unique scientific name.  Before a name can be given each species must be classified.  Then scientists use parts of that classification to name each.  The following sites will give you information on why and how scientists use scientific names and also provide information on specific animals.