Classification Activities

The following links and attachment will lead you to fun and interesting ways to practice and show off your classification skills.  You can
play review games, take a WebQuest to learn even more or create a project to show off to your family, teacher or classmates.  Use the
resources within this Classification and Taxonomy Pathfinder to help you complete the following activities!

Use your knowledge of the different categories of animals to group critters and identify what makes them different from one another.


Match and group the characteristics of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians correctly to win this game!



Choose from 5 different ecosystems and challenge yourself to correctly identify which group the animal belongs in before it disappears from the screen!


Help scientists on a bug collecting expedition and drag the pictures of insects to the appropriate category.



With this Web Quest you will learn more about vertebrate animals and the five classes of animals that belong to the vertebrate phylum.


Animals are found everywhere. We give names to each kind and we divide them into groups. Animals that have backbones are called vertebrates. We divide these animals into five groups: amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles. Have you ever asked "What makes a bird a bird, or a reptile a reptile? In this WebQuest you will learn the answers to these questions and more.


Take a walk through the animal kingdom and see some unusual creatures.  This WebQuest will help you understand the different ways to classify living things, the different characteristics of different groups of animals, and identify different groups of animals.



It’s the year 2525 and you’re an alien taxonomist.  Your job is to classify all of the organisms that now inhabit Earth!


Compare and contrast the characteristics of 5 different animals and create a cladogram to explain their relationship.


Use these animal flashcard templates to study or create a game of Go Fish!


Use a dichotomous key to identify 12 different organisms and compare and contrast their characteristics.

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