World Organization Wrestling

World Organization Wrestling. This was the promotion on the Gulf Coast after Gulf Coast Wrestling closed it's doors. This promotion was owned by former Gulf Coast Star Rip Tyler. The first is an All Star Wrestling dvd then the promotion became World Organization Wrestling or WOW as it was called.



W2698  All Star Wrestling 1985

Mike Boyette & Terry Latham stripped of Tag Titles

Rick & Rock Monroe Former Superstars presented Tag Titles

Porkchop Cash vs Honey Boy Tom Blanton

Dirty White Boy Video

Huggy Bear Brown & DWB(Tony Powell) vs Mike Boyette & Terry Latham-

Boyette Heel Turn attacks Porkchop Cash

Bobo Brazil Jr. vs Pat Rose

In This Corner:Pat Rose

Mike Boyette int.

The Monroe Bros. w/Mr. Mike vs Dennis Gale & Les Freeman

Huggy Bear Brown vs Porkchop Cash- Boyette Run In

W2699 WOW 1987 Vol.1

Marvelous Marcel Pringle vs Bobby Wayne

Rip Tyler & Pat Rose int.

Pat Rose vs Bobby Perez

Bob Holly & Cowboy Dennis Gale (WOW Champion) int.

Dennis Gale vs Kerry Booth

Mercianeries vs Coastal Connection

Huggy Bear Brown/Coastal Connection int.

Huggy Bear Brown vs Bob Sweetan

Bob Sweetan Leader of Bomb Squad int.

Fargo,Pringle & Rose/Bill Ash interviews

Bob Holly vs Drummond

Bob Sweetan vs Dennis Gayle

Coastal Connection vs Turbo Ted & Destroyer

Marvelous Marcel Pringle vs Bob Holly

Bob Holly vs Mr. Ito

W1677 WOW 1987 Vol.2

Bob Holly interview

Bob Holly vs Mr. Ito

Pat Rose/Bob Sweetan interview

Bobo Brazil Jr. vs Boris Krupoff

Chic Donovan vs Bob Sweetan

Don Fargo & Crazy Mike Diamond int.

Coastal Connection vs Marcel Pringle & Destroyer

Crazy Mike Diamond vs Chuck Wilson

Boris Krupoff vs Destroyer

Boris Krupoff /Ann Casey int.

Cowboy Dennis Gale vs Pat Rose

Bob Holly - Pat Rose Brawl

VTR: Chic Donovan vs Bob Sweetan

Chic Donovan vs Marcel Pringle -

Sweetan Run In - Holly Save

Coastal Connection vs Don Fargo & Crazy Mike Diamond

W1678 WOW 1987 Vol.3

Cowboy Dennis Gale vs Carey Booth

Boris Hrupoff vs Jackie Whalen

Bob Sweetan vs Surfer Joe Fisher- Krupoff attacks Fisher -

causes Sweetan to loose - Confrontation ensues

Rip's Corner: Boris Krupoff

Huggy Brown Brown & Bob Holly vs Don Fargo & Crazy Mike Diamond

Huggy Brown Brown vs Bob Hall

Pat Rose, Carey Booth & Jackie Whalen vs Coastal Connection

Patriot vs Boris Krupoff- Sweetan Takes Patriot's place -

Bomb Squad beat down Sweetan

Bob Holly vs Marcel Pringle

Bob Sweetan int.

Patriot vs Crazy Mike Diamond

Sherri Martel vs Killer Tomato

Patriot vs Tom 'Buggaloo'Shaft

W1679 WOW 1987 Vol.4

Patriot vs Tom Shaft

Chic Donovan vs Miles Bishum - Diamond Run In

Tom Shaft int.

Bob Sweetan vs Carey Booth - Bomb Squad Beatdown

David Baxter vs Bob Hall

Rip's Corner: Bob Holly/Pat Rose

Don Fargo & Crazy Mike Diamond vs Huggy Bear Brown & Surfer Joe Fisher

Coastal Connection vs Tommy Bryant & Bob Hall

Tom Shaft vs Surfer Joe Fisher

Bob Sweetan vs Marcel Pringle

Huggy Bear Brown & Chic Donovan vs Miles Bishum & Carey Booth

Fargo & Diamond int. eating Dog Food

Pat Rose vs Bobby Perez

W1680 WOW 1987 Vol.5

Rip's Corner:Marcel Pringle

Tom Shaft vs Bob Holly

Fargo,Diamond,Mad Dog Boyd ,Stubbs& Ali Pasha int.

Bob Sweetan va Ali Pasha - $10.000 Bounty Match - Stubbs Run In

Coastal Connection vs Pat Rose & Carey Booth

Marcel Pringle vs Surfer Joe Fisher

Jerry Stubbs vs Gene Hart

Rips Corner:Fargo & Diamond TheMercernaries

Bob Sweetan & Bob Holly vs Ali Pasha & Tom Shaft -

Mad Dog Boyd vs Dennis Gale

W1681 WOW 1987 Vol.6

Marcel Pringle vs Ricky Gibson - TV Title Match

Coastal Connection vs Easy Riders -

Mercianeries Run In & Painting of Baxter

Ricky Gibson & Dennis Gale/Bob Sweetan int.

Jerry Stubbs vs Bob Holly - Run In Sweetan & Kadaffi

Killer Kadaffi vs Dennis Gale

Fargo & Diamond vs Hall & Booth

Ricky Gibson vs Easy Rider #1

Dennis Gale vs Carey Booth

Jerry Stubbs int.

Jerry Stubbs & Marcel Pringle vs Bob Sweetan & Ricky Gibson

W1682 WOW 1987 Vol.7

Dennis Gale vs Golden Devil

Adrian Street vs Killer Kadaffi

Marcel Pringle & Samoans

Rip's Corner:Ken Wayne Joins Coastal Connection

Mercianeries vs Ricky Gibson & Ken Wayne

Mr.USA/Gibson int.

VTR: Ricky Gibson vs Bob Holly - Holly Heel Turn

Coastal Connection vs Wild Samoans

Wild Samoans vs Chuck Wilson & Greg Cooley

Fargo,Diamond & Holly int./Fargo & Diamond at Nightclub

Bob Holly vs Gene Hart

Killer Kadaffi & Len Austin vs Mr. USA & Mr. Olympia-

USA unmasks Sweetan

Mike Diamond vs Ricky Gibson- Fargo & Holly Beatdown

Ken Wayne vs Marcel Pringle - TV Title Match

W1683 WOW 1987 Vol.8

Coastal Connection vs Wild Samoans

Recap: Ricky Gibson vs Mike Diamond

Rip's Corner: Mr. Olympia & Bob Sweetan

Lynn Austin vs Greg Cooley

Mr. Olympia vs Marcel Pringle

Killer Kadaffi vs Ken Wayne

Pringle must Give Wayne's TV Title

Back next wk. Or be Suspended

Pringle gives Wayne the Belt in pieces

Coastal Connection vs Carey Booth & Killer Kadaffi

Bob Holly vs Bucky Seigler

Adrian Street vs Lynn Austin-Valets Linda & Cookie Carilse brawl

Fgargo's new man Ron Starr

Ron Starr vs Ricky Gibson

Ken Timbs & Pat Rose (Natural Blonds int.)

Pat Rose & Ken Timbs vs Bobby Lee & Rex Rogers

Bob Sweetan vs Marcel Pringle- Wayne attacks Pringle

W1684 WOW 1987 Vol.9

Ron Starr vs Bucky Seigler

Marcel Pringle vs Bobby Lee

Rose & Pringle int.

Coastal Connection vs Natural Blonds

Bob Holly int.

Don Fargo vs Ricky Gibson-Fargo fakes injury Both subs.

Adrian Street vs Killer Kadaffi W/ Angie Minelli

Great Kokina vs Jerry Stubbs

Rip Tyler presents Wayne a new TV Title - Pringle steals it & its the old belt

Ken Wayne vs Playboy Pat Patera

Rip's Corner: Sweetan with Special Olympics Children

Norvel Austin vs Mike Boyette - Holly Turns on Boyette

Boyette int.

Coastal Connection vs Bob Hall & Killer Kadaffi

Rose & Timbs become The Fabulous Fargos

Fabulous Fargos vs Bob Sweetan & Steve Atinkson

5 Women Elimination Match

Mr. Olympia vs Cary Booth - Holly attacks Olympia Pre- Match

W1685 WOW 1987 Vol.10

Norvel Austin int.

Mr. Olympia vs Kokina

David Baxter on partner's injury

Mr. Olympia vs Kokina

Baxter on Fargo injuring 3 of his Partners

Bob Sweetan & Shaun Baxter vs Fabulous Fargos

Batten Twins vs Cary Booth & Lynn Austin

Jim Riggins vs Craig Brown/W/Tojo/ Holly now managed by Tojo

Bob Holly vs Rex Rogers - Olympia Run In

Norvel Austin vs Ron Starr

Tony Atlas vs Al Perez -WCCW

Big Bubba (Tugboat) vs Bob Sweetan

Huggy Bear Brown vs Kokina

Pat Tanaka& Paul Diamond vs Davey Haskins & Rick McCord

Cary Booth vs Sean Baxter-Fargos Run In-Olympia-Holly Brawl

Nick Gulas/Fargos int.

Fabulous Fargos & Bob Holly vs Batten Twins & Mr. Olympia

W1686 WOW 1987 Vol.11

Fargos int.

Big Bubba & Kokina vs Batten Twins - Bubba turns on Kokina

Bob Holly vs Shaun Baxter- Olympia Run In

Bob Sweetan & Rex Rogers vs Badd Company

Thunderdome 87 Promos

Fargos vs Davey Haskins & Mr. Olympia

Big Bubba now Holly's Body Guard

Bob Holly vs Bob Sweetan

Mr. Olympia vs Ron Starr

Batten Twins vs Fargos

Big Bubba vs Rick McCord - Kokina Save

Bubba - Kokina Brawl

Badd Company vs Shaun Baxter & Davy Haskins

W167 WOW 1987 Vol.12

Pat Tanaka vs Mark Batten

Ron Starr vs The Nightrider

Batten Twins & Bob Boyette int.

Brad Batten vs Paul Diamond

Don Fargo has fired Timbs and replaced him w/Pringle as a Fargo

Cary Booth vs Kokina

Bob Holly vs Shaun Baxter-Olympia & Starr Run In-

Holly breaks Olympia's Rolex watch

Bob Boyette & Davy Haskins vs New Fargos

Kokina vs Davy Haskins

Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs Shaun Baxter & Nightrider

Recap: Holly & Starr break Olympis'a watch

Mr. Olympia vs Ron Starr sub for ''injured'' Holly

Bob Boyette vs Cary Booth