Classic Reubens
Serves 8
16 Tbsp. 1,000 Island Dressing (Russian Dressing)
24 Tbsp. Sauerkraut
1 Lb. Corned Beef
16 Slices Swiss Cheese
16 Tbsp. Margarine/Butter
16 Pcs. Rye Bread (Not pumpernickel, which is very dark bread. Rye is lighter in color.)
These are the sandwich proportions:
1 Tbsp. Dressing/ Piece of Bread
3 Tbsp. Sauerkraut/ Sandwich
1/8 Lb. Corned Beef/ Sandwich
1 Tbsp. Butter/Margarine/ Piece of Bread

This is the order in which you should assemble your scrumptious sandwich:

1. Place bread on plate
2. Spread 1,000 islands dressing
3. Place sauerkraut down

4. Place meat on sandwich
5. Place the Swiss Cheese down
6. Close the sandwich

7. Coat each outside of the bread in butter
8. Fry the sandwich in a skillet until bread is crispy
9. Repeat 8X
10. Eat your amazing sandwich