Urban Living Decor

urban living decor
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urban living decor - Apartment Living:
Apartment Living: New Design for Urban Living
Apartment Living: New Design for Urban Living
This guide should be of interest to apartment owners and interior decorators who are trying to create the perfect living space, whether it be in a penthouse, townhouse or studio. Colour photographs and profiles of real-life apartment dwellers offer solutions to typical problems such as eliminating clutter, working with small or large spaces, paring down decorations or pumping up the personality and style of a room. It also offers advice on using colour, layout and lighting to solve common design dilemmas.

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Living Room Wall Art Arrangement in Progress
Living Room Wall Art Arrangement in Progress
Everything is an Ebay find; the art is my own photography or from Flickr friends. I am still working on the arrangement as I have a few more photos and items to add.
Paragon Properties / Sporting Glen
Paragon Properties / Sporting Glen
Paragon Properties / Sporting Glen / Model / 2951 Pheasant Run Drive, Apt. A Jackson, MI 49202

urban living decor
urban living decor
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