Italian Fat Chef Kitchen Decor

italian fat chef kitchen decor
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italian fat chef kitchen decor - Fat Chef
Fat Chef Kitchen Chalkboard
Fat Chef Kitchen Chalkboard
Our Fat Chef Kitchen chalkboard is a great functional and charming Italian accent for your kitchen. The Fat Chef chalkboard can be placed on the kitchen counter to write down your grocery list or your daily appointments.Created by artist Al Pisano, we cast reproductions of Al's dimensional art and then each piece is hand painted and stained. This Fat Chef chalkboard measures 12 in high and 12 in wide. We make it here in the USA. A ledge for chalk is included on the base. We also offer this as a wall mount--please specify on order you want it as a wall mount.

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Italian Coffee Makers
Italian Coffee Makers
My favourite is the ribbed one with Bakelite handle and knob or maybe it's the really large one or it could even be the one from the original Italian them all and only wish I hadn't culled the collection to downsize. The wee one on the bottom left is actually a kitchen timer from IKEA! The pots are all thrift finds. Kristy, show this to the man of the house!
Italian Marbles
Italian Marbles
A friend gave me some of these pretty little Italian marbles. They're sort of 'marbled marbles', I guess.

italian fat chef kitchen decor
italian fat chef kitchen decor
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