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Discount Garden Decor

discount garden decor
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X Large Copper Royale Rain Chain
X Large Copper Royale Rain Chain
Pure Copper Rain Chains are functional and decorative alternate to traditional gutter downspout that helps guiding rainwater into basin, barrel or bowl for further reuse - Today’s “Water Harvesting” mantra. Originated from Japan, this wonderful little example of human ingenuity adds architectural accent to your home exterior, yard or patio and brings the harmony of cascading water to your backyard. Over time copper develops a rich verdigris color, a notable example is “Statue of Liberty”.
Kilver Court Gardens - Somerset
Kilver Court Gardens - Somerset
The original nineteenth century gardens were created for the workers of Kilver Court. The gardens were restored in the 1960s and opened to the public for the first time in 2008 (10ft - fisheye lens).

discount garden decor