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They do an amazing job...They are so very thorough and professional. They take a whole hour to thouroghly pamper your feet. If your feet and toes need pampering I definately recommend there services..,Both Tony and Mary are the greatest. Also if you happen to be a diabetic they do an amazing job keeping your feet in great health you can trust they will keep your feet in great shape. Great place stop by!!!"
-Old Jo

"Really nice family owened business. Off the beaten track, but right in the heart of Gresham!"

"Tony and Mary do an excellent job of caring for your feet! Tony is great with helping to control fungus in my husband's feet. They are 150% better than before he started going to Tony. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with fungus or just needing a pedicure.‎"

"Pampered! That's how we feel each time we visit Tony and Mary at Classic Nails in Gresham. Their salon is cozy, modern and very clean. Spa treatment at a bargain price - no power tools and they take their time with you for a great, relaxing experience. The pedi-chairs have a massage option which I highly recommend. Tony is especially sweet to my elderly mother-in-law when I bring her by for a mani-pedi. Located in downtown Gresham, Classic Nails is a world away from the noisy mall nail salon experience."

"Thank you Tony and Mary for your considerate care of my feet. I appreciate your thorough attention to helping me cure my nail fungus. You do your job well."

"I started with Tony and Mary because Classic Nails is close to where I live. Now I choose them because of the professional care I receive and \
the outstanding look of my nails."

-Mardy Stevens

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