26 august 2017 :
The graphical editor is now also available in french language (Linux version only for now...). Help welcome for others languages. An italian translation is already planned.
Else a lot of work has been done to have ClassicLadder able to run with GTK3. Per-default it is still compiled for GTK2.
Many bugs has been fixed in sequential, and elsewhere also !
To finish, the checkboxes for ouputs have been replaced per lamps on/off images, better to understand...

31 december 2015 :
Summary of recent major new features :
  • New functions blocks 'Registers' (stacks) to store/unstore many words values series in FIFO or LIFO order.
  • Compatibility with Xenomai 3 (Cobalt) added.
  • Now can print, not only "current section" but also "all sections" (choice possible in new options tab added in printer window) + can print new pages with symbols defined list.
  • wiringSam library use for I/O hardware (for Atmel AT91Sam9 as in the Arietta of AcmeSystems).
AcmeSystems Arietta AT91SAM9G25

16 july 2015 :
Birth of my second daughter !

4 january 2015 :

An english translation of the ClassicLadderPLC user manual is available !

27 september 2014 :
Now ClassicLadder can use the GPIOs of a RaspberryPi card (with the WiringPi library).
14 june 2014 :

No news since a very long time, but it absolutely doesn't mean no news ! ;-)
In fact a new hardware ClassicLadder_PLC (x86) is available and deeply tested, running since many many months. People interested can contact me to buy one "ready to run"... Production on demand only.
Else new release 0.9.013 of ClassicLadder. Since this time many things added for ClassicLadderPLC, to have a really easy and well finished product!
Now a modem can be used with ClassicLadder for remote monitor connect and alarms (SMS, emails).

17 august 2012 :
Released new version 0.9.5, featuring possibility to send/receive a project file (compressed) to another embedded target for example ! Just missing the ClassicLadder_PLC for now ! ;-)

10 march 2012 :
Just released v0.9.4, with as explained below the possibility to also use the parallel port under Windows (with the external inpout32.dll)
Else, local physical inputs read is now filtered, and done in another task.
Search is now also done in the arithmetic expressions !
And more, take a look at the history file...

30 december 2011 :
For people interested with using parallel port as interface for ClassicLadder, now the Windows version can also read/write the input/outputs ports of the x86 architecture. Using nice external library "inpout32.dll" here :
Should be available on the next ClassicLadder release available...
11 december 2011 :
Released v0.9.3, with new search function, possibility to monitor a target with a serial link, and many others things...

25 june 2011 :

Released v0.9.1 of classicladder with major modifications on modbus i/o master... separation between slaves adress definitions and the requests. To have a system bit communication error & statistics per slave. Working better on dialogue resume (IP).

14 may 2011 :
Birth of my daughter
... I have now a new assistant, but I believe I will have to wait some years before she can help me ! ;-)

23 april 2011:
Released v0.9.0 of classicladder featuring the new possibility to connect to a remote target. Monitor protocol working on IP network (UDP). Else the rungs are bigger and more elements per default (the file format has changed, .clprj extension, you can still read your old file projects!).

29 january 2011:
Updated the firmware of the ClassicLadder I/O module (Atmel AVR). Fixed possible case to have the serial link blocked.

2 january 2011:
Released v0.8.10 of classicladder featuring new GUI with menu and toolbar instead of the old-fashioned buttons at the buttom for menu... you can take a look at the snapshot added !

6 november 2010:
Prices of the hardware I/O module revised, and english page updated...

9 october 2010:

First release of binary hex & GPL sources of the firmware (v0.7.4). Hope to sell soon first cards now... Made 3 cases this afternoon !

2 october 2010:
Released third version of the PDF guide,
now "3" USB modules assembled, tested and nearly ready to find first custormers !

26 september 2010:
Released second version of the PDF guide, should be enough complete now to use the I/O module easily ! (always in french...)

30 august 2010:
Released first version of the PDF guide to use the ClassicLadder I/O Module (in french for now!).

12 july 2010:

Received first decade of production PCB boards for the hardware classicladder_io_module (some corrections/improvements done to the prototype) .

19 may 2010:

Released a new version of ClassicLadder (0.8.8) with some debug on the master modbus serial link
and now also working  with the Windows version. Yes, you will be able to connect modbus modules in serial on Windows.
Many tests done with my new ClassicLadder_io_module.