The latest version available is 0.9.111 (10 march 2018).

All the more recents files are always available on "" at the general following address:
WARNING: on SourceForge when you select a file to download, you have to wait with the following message displayed: "Your download will start in X seconds..."

Do not forget, that if you like this free sofware, you can donate on this page or buy a usefull inputs/outputs module or a PLC !
Many thanks in advance for your support.

For Windows (GTK+3 - Windows Vista minimum required) :
You have to download the latest release of ClassicLadder here :

For Windows (old GTK+2) :
You have to download two files :
* the latest release of ClassicLadder :
  (binary only, for sources download the Linux archive version)
* the GTK runtime 2.16.6 allowing to launch the executable :
(if not installed (and machine rebooted) you will have an error message about a missing Cairo library when you will start classicladder.exe !)
Instead of the GTK setup installer, another possibility if to extract manually in the classicladder_win32 directory this archive:

The sources (same for both Linux & Windows) are only available in the archive of the Linux version !

For Linux :
Only an unique archive with the sources and a binary is available :
If you have a recent Linux distribution, you just have to launch the executable from the console with "./classicladder" or by double-clicking on it.
Else, if you know, a little "make" in the "src" sub-directory from the console...

Some examples are included in the "projects_examples" of the archive.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some difficulties to launch the software !